OxygenOS 10.5.8 for OnePlus 8 is distributed

The OxygenOS 10.5.8 update is now being distributed for the OnePlus 8. Again, there are a few new features on the smartphone.

The OnePlus 8 Pro has the same update in principle get as the "normal" OnePlus 8. The changelog is no different.

The update is just under 150 MB and has the Android security patch from June 2020 in the bag. But the extensive changelog reveals much more innovations.

OnePlus 8 OxygenOS 10.5.8 changelog


  • Optimized the touch and interaction experience
  • Optimized the power consumption performance of the system, battery life extended to be longer than ever
  • Optimized the high temperature warning to improve user experience
  • Fixed the failure to full-charge when battery was charged to 90% and above in a few circumstances
  • Fixed the issue with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video unable to play HD video on some machines
  • Fixed known issues and improved system stability
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.06


  • Adjusted photochrom filter (pro model)
  • Improved the shooting experience with camera and improved stability


  • Improved the stability of communication
  • Improved the performance and stability of Wi-Fi transfers
  • Optimized network latency for online games and improved the smoothness


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