Our opinion about Samsung T7 Touch - successor to the most popular T5 SSD for video makers

You definitely know that. When buying a computer, you chose a very fast but less capacious SSD drive, and today you lack space for data. The solution is an external drive, and today we will check one of the most interesting proposals - here is a review of Samsung T7 Touch.

I bought my main computer at a time when I could choose a large HDD, or less capacious, but a much faster SSD. The choice was obvious. As a result, instead of a sluggish terabyte today I have a super fast 256 GB.

For years, this capacity was enough for me, because I dealt with photography professionally, where one photo session took about a dozen or so GB, and I dropped the processed projects onto archiving disks, so as not to keep the old pig iron on the computer.

Since then, a lot has changed in my life and in the technologies themselves. We, the creators, always have a hill.

Today I deal mainly with video, and in the meantime I have jumped from Full HD to 4K quality. Suddenly it turned out that one project no longer weighs 15 GB, but 50, and sometimes even 150 GB. It came to the point that I often don't even have a single job on my computer. Whether we like it or not, high image quality is followed by large file sizes.

Sometimes I envy ordinary consumers who stream all video content and keep their files in the cloud. As a video creator, I don't have this comfort, and the discs are constantly scrolling through my hands.

If you are a player, you probably also see a greater demand for data.

Choose the Samsung T7 Touch SSD - reviews about it in the article and on YouTube - choose the right memory - 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB

The Witcher 3 from 5 years ago was only 28 GB. In turn, this year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already takes 175 GB, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is 150 GB. In a few years, the games have grown enormously, and after the release of the new generation consoles will grow even more.

The new consoles will be equipped with SSDs, with PlayStation 5 having a capacity of 825 GB, while the Xbox Series X will debut on the market with a 1 TB disk. It is not enough for long. Thus, an external disk will become a necessity.

Initially, I used external HDD disks, but it soon turned out that in my applications a free disk drive is becoming a bottleneck for the entire computer.

I have been using external drives for several years, but with the transition to 4K video editing, I see that they are simply too slow. Fortunately, today you can easily buy an external SSD. I had the opportunity to test the device of one of the leaders in this category - Samsung T7 Touch portable SSD.

The Samsung T series hardly need to be introduced to people who even briefly familiarized themselves with the subject of external SSD drives. The series is very popular among filmmakers. Samsung T5 drives are the basic choice of data carrier in numerous video cameras.

My test Samsung T7 Touch - successor to the very popular T5 drive.

Connect the Samsung T7 Touch portable drive to your computer and other devices - use an SSD with a fingerprint reader

The Samsung T7 Touch I have tested has a capacity of 500 GB, and the models 1 TB and 2 TB are also on sale. The miniature disk size is immediately striking. The proportions have slightly changed in the latest model, thanks to which the Samsung T7 Touch has exactly the same dimensions as a payment card, although it is of course slightly thicker - it is 8 mm. It is an ultra-mobile solution, also due to the feather weight. It has the impression that the disk weighs practically nothing, although its weight is 58 g.

The equipment is splendidly made, because we are dealing with a metal housing. It would seem that aesthetics is the least important in terms of disk, but the T7 looks like a small work of modern art. Samsung ensures that the metal housing provides high durability, because the T7 Touch drive is resistant to falls from a height of up to 2 meters. Against this background, HDD discs equipped with movable heads and plates fall out archaic.

The Samsung T7 Touch SSD can be biometrically secured with a fingerprint.

Dual drive protection Samsung T7 Touch - a fingerprint reader and security code will allow you to securely store data

The Samsung T7 Touch SSD is equipped with a fingerprint reader, so a fingerprint can be a password to unlock the contents of the disk. The content is hardware-encrypted according to the 256-bit AES key.

Disk operation requires software available for Windows, macOS and Android. There is also no problem with connecting the disk to iPad Pro or to consoles. Each time you connect the drive to a computer (or smartphone), you need to scan your finger or use a code. I checked this solution on every platform and none had any problems with their operation. It is worth adding that to protect the disk you need to install the software on a computer or mobile device, but later the software is no longer required to use and unlock the disk.

I really like the fact that when I took breaks from work and the computer went to sleep, disk connectivity was maintained. After returning to the workplace, I did not have to verify my fingerprint again. Thus, I could leave the computer with a time-consuming task turned on - e.g. rendering or stabilization - and I was sure that at some point the program would not lose access to data.

Choose a Samsung T7 or T7 Touch portable drive and connect it conveniently to your computer - access it using a fast-acting fingerprint reader

The reader itself works quickly and very well. We can add up to four fingerprints, which can be useful in small teams, for example, when members share one shared disk. There is a diode around the scanner that blinks to indicate disk status.

Importantly, the basic version of the Samsung T7 drive is also available without a fingerprint scanner. If you don't care about advanced security features and want a small, fast and solid SSD drive, you can save several dozen zlotys.

The speed of the Samsung T7 Touch is twice as fast as its predecessor.

For about two weeks, the Samsung T7 Touch has been used for video editing every day, and I have also tested it on the console and smartphone. The disk gets along well with the computer, including the most important program for me, namely Final Cut.

The speed of operation is impressive, because we are talking about doubling it compared to its predecessor, which was considered a very fast disk. Samsung T7 Touch offers read speeds of up to 1050 MB / s and write 1000 MB / s.

How is this possible? Samsung did not save on components and used the latest solutions in its disk, i.e. the PCIe NVMe interface and the latest USB standard, i.e. USB 3.2 Gen 2, whose specification provides transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbit / s, which translates to 1250 MB / s.

Samsung T7 Touch portable drive - review on Spider's Web discusses the drive with exceptional read speed up to 1050 MB / s and write 1000 MB / s - explore its possibilities

In practice, the measurements carried out showed me a level of 1028 MB / s for reading and 825 MB / s for writing. These are great and forward-looking values, far ahead of my needs in terms of 4K video.

In practice, such a fast work speed works great. Files copy quickly, especially large ones. Copying a 10 GB 4K file takes about 15 seconds. Final Cut can render video in the background without losing frames, and the render of finished material from files placed on the disk is much faster than from the HDD. This confirms that old HDDs are becoming a bottleneck in modern computers.

Our opinion about Samsung T7 and T7 Touch is even more positive because the drives have a USB 3.2 gen 2 connector, which is not a standard on the market and is the solution of the future

It is worth noting, however, that USB 3.2 Gen 2 is a rarity on the market, especially in laptops. If your computer has an older USB 3.0 or 3.1 Gen 1 port, expect to see transfers around 450 MB / s for reading and writing. However, maximum disk transfers should also be available on the much more common USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector (oh this wonderful world of the USB standard!).

USB 3.2 Gen 2 available on the Samsung T7 Touch drive is a future-oriented solution. Today, few will use this standard, but it will soon be the market standard, and as the standard is backwards compatible, it will mean wider disk compatibility. In other words: it promises that this equipment will be used for a long time and will also be used after replacing the computer with a newer model.

Two cables in the set, which is more universal.

If your computer is not equipped with USB C connectors, the T7 and T7 Touch SSDs have two cables - USB C and USB A - you do not have to worry that the disk will not be compatible with the device

Samsung does not pretend that we live in a utopian world, where every user has a state-of-the-art computer equipped only with USB-C connectors. The disk is equipped with a USB-C connector, but the set includes two cables: USB-C to USB-C and USB-C for the older and more common USB-A standard. And that's how it should look like! This solution gives the greatest compatibility.

All in all, the Samsung T7 Touch is doing a great job.

SSD T7 and T7 Touch - a review on Spider's Web will allow you to choose the best solution and choose the disk for your needs

The disk is very fast, surprisingly universal and safe. If - like me - you often rely on files burdened with NDA contracts with huge fines for breaking the embargo, such a disk will work extremely well for you. Access to files via your fingerprint is not only safer, but also faster than entering a password.

For this I appreciate how tiny the S7 Touch is. Recently, I travel much less than before, but even when working in the home office, the disc works better because it just pleases the eye more. You already know my opinion - the Samsung T7 Touch SSD, which I used recently every day, never once let me down.

Prices of Samsung T7 Touch drives on the manufacturer's website are respectively:

  • Samsung T7 Touch 500 GB - 609 PLN,
  • Samsung T7 Touch 1 TB - PLN 1029,
  • Samsung T7 Touch 2 TB - 1849 PLN.
Our test - Samsung SSD T7 disk, the fastest disk 1050 MB / s, with USB C and USB A input - buy the perfect disk for yourself

There are also slightly cheaper variants of the Samsung T7 without a fingerprint reader .

To sum up, it's worth a hundred times. The success and popularity of the predecessor did not come from nowhere, and the newer version of the T7 is better in every respect.

Our opinion about Samsung T7 Touch - successor to the most popular T5 SSD for video makers


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