Orange will allow you to insure your phone against damage and promises not to ask anything. He adds three more services in the package

Orange offers a new Security Package to all customers of mobile services. The package consists of four solutions that increase user safety and minimize losses in the event of a smartphone being damaged.

Orange offers its subscribers a new Security Package .

The Safety Package is a set of voluntary additional services, costing PLN 25 per month. The orange operator points out that it is twice cheaper than if we activated each of the following four services separately. So what is included in the Security Package for mobile customers?

Orange Smart Care Premium - a program that allows you to repair (or replace) a damaged smartphone. Scratches, cracks or water damage are taken into account regardless of the circumstances of their occurrence, phone model or repair costs. No questions, no complications. The only limit is one smartphone repair per year. Importantly, such a repaired smartphone still retains the manufacturer's warranty.

Secure PESEL - PESEL number is one of the most frequently used data when trying to steal identity. Scammers take loans and credits with this number. In turn, the Orange service is designed to inform the user when his PESEL number is checked in the National Debt Register. The subscriber then receives an SMS that allows him to detect that something is wrong.

Protect Children on the Web - a classic parental filter implemented on the operator's side. With its help, the guardian can determine how much time the child spends with mobile applications, as well as what content they use and what websites they visit.

Let's find ourselves - a location scanner with which we always know where the smartphone of a loved one is. The caregiver or family member may receive SMS messages when significant changes in location or leaving user-created zones, e.g. school, home or shopping zones.

The Safety Package costs PLN 25 per month .

Analyzing the range of services offered, such a package seems to be the most beneficial purchase for families with children. On the other hand, it should be noted that some of the services - such as a location scanner or a parental filter - are increasingly included in the capabilities of the smartphone itself. Hence, you do not have to pay extra for them. Hence, it is important to analyze the needs of each household individually.

Detailed regulations of the Safety Package service can be found here.

Orange will allow you to insure your phone against damage and promises not to ask anything. He adds three more services in the package


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