Oppo smartphones fully charged in 20 minutes. That s the way to live

The AirVOOC wireless standard from Oppo with a power of 65 W is more than what most cable competitors offer, and it fades with the new flash charge charging mobile devices with a power of 125 W.

Oppo is becoming the leader when it comes to fast charging smartphones. Earlier, after the introduction of the VOOC standard six years ago, the company was leading in this respect. Now it embarrasses competing brands, presenting a charging standard called AirVOOC, which can supplement 65 W electricity.


Oppo can charge a smartphone without cables six times faster than iPhones charge wirelessly.

The company's advantage is also seen in the case of wired charging, where it has already achieved 125 W of power under flash charge technology. This is possible "thanks to advanced encryption algorithms and stringent temperature control." This is what makes charging quick, safe and efficient.

If you translate these charging parameters with a specific power into specific and reliable numbers, it turns out that only five minutes are enough to power 41 percent. 4000 mAh cells. Full charging of a phone with such a capacity battery with 125 W flash charge support takes just 20 minutes.


The new charging standard from Oppo is compatible with previous versions of VOOC, including SuperVOOC.

The new fast wired charging, which is based on SuperVOOC technology, but is not specified by the manufacturer with a specific marketing name, also supports standards such as 65W PD and 125W PPS. The maximum working parameters of the charger are, in turn, 20 V at 6.25 A.

The battery that is compatible with 125 W flash charge from Oppo is to have "double 6C cells with a breakthrough performance factor" and "market-leading multi-element structures." There were also charging pumps and a highly integrated MCU module. It increases the efficiency of the energy replenishment process.


Ten additional temperature sensors are responsible for increasing the security in the system.

The platform also uses tools to protect against overvoltage, a C-type cable and a 128-bit, strong encryption algorithm that further increases protection - we read further in the press release

In the case of Apple devices, this "fast" cable charging from the iPhone 11 Pro has a power of only 18 W, and this translates into ... more than three times slower charging than the new wireless AirVOOC standard from Oppo, which has a power of 65 W and "Uses the proprietary function of isolated charging pumps".

AirVOOC 65 W wireless fast charging technology allows you to charge a 4000 mAh battery in just 30 minutes - the manufacturer boasts

It is worth remembering that the AirVOOC 65 W and the successor of the SuperVOOC with a power of 125 W will not be available to everyone and require special chargers. Oppo has various accessories on offer, which differ in both power and dimensions.


A portable SuperVOOC 50 W mini loader and a 110 W mini loader have just been added to Oppo's offer.

In both cases, you can count on compact dimensions, so that the accessories do not take up too much space in the backpack. The one with the smaller power (50 W) is the smallest and thinnest in the world in its class - it has a size of a credit card with a thickness of only 1.05 cm, and can still charge laptops.

This larger of the new 110W mini loaders has been equipped with "a unique two-level architecture" and has a volume of 35.76 cm³, which is the same as a standard 18W charger. As for the wireless charger compatible with the AirVOOC standard, then how for now only the glass-finished prototype has appeared, and we are still waiting for the consumer version.

Oppo smartphones fully charged in 20 minutes. That's the way to live


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