Only laughter can save us. Server Stories Competition will help you through difficult times

I've seen a perfect meme lately. It describes my life, but also the lives of many freelancers who have been working remotely at home for years. Including a multitude of freelancers, graphic designers, programmers, frontenders, copywriters (note: updated list).

That's him:

Coronavirus has caused that this noble group is joined by crowds of people from various industries who have to face the difficult challenge of working at home. Especially since it's often quiet only by name. This is illustrated by another popular meme showing a working woman and her tied and gagged child lying on the floor.

Unfortunately, we cannot uninstall 2020 and install a new version instead, although the current one clearly has a virus. We will also have to wait for the patch. We have laughter left.

Memes and pastes will save the world.

We live in great tension, we worry about ourselves and our loved ones. We are terrified by both the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the economic situation in the age of pandemics. The saying that laughter is health is extremely relevant in these difficult times.

Laughter helps to relieve tension, but also to gain distance. I wasn't a fan of satire before, guided by the thought of one of my favorite artists who once said that joyful art depresses him.

Now I am looking for funny content, watching memes, reading pastes and funny stories. I did not apologize only with Polish cabarets. I still find these not funny.

Today, social problems describe memes better than in-depth analyzes. That is why I burst out laughing when I saw the plan of the apartment with the description: "when you are wondering where to spend the weekend."

And although I don't know myself what is more frightening - measuring temperature or standing on weight, I laugh through my tears as I think about the answer.

Server Stories competition is starting .

I appreciate the initiatives to help survive the difficult pandemic time using the cheapest weapon available - laughter. One of them is the Server Stories competition organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Polska Sp. z o. o. and the company AB SA

Describe a funny story about working in IT or insert a picture of such a situation. The competition started on July 14, 2020 and will last until August 4, 2020. The jury will select three winners.

The first prize is the Microsoft Surface Go laptop tablet. The device will be especially useful in the current difficult time of a pandemic, when parents work at home and children cannot even be sent to camps. Surface Go will help you take care of your child, interest in something new, and maybe even make learning easier. After work, an adult will also use it. Surface Go is great for web browsing or watching movies.

The second prize winner will receive a Bose Portable Home speaker, which the manufacturer describes as the most versatile speaker. You can use it to listen to music directly from mobile devices. We can play sounds from streaming services Spotify or Deezer on it. And we can easily move from room to room (valuable in times of family struggle for every square centimeter of the apartment).

The third prize is Sony WH-1000XM2 headphones. They will easily replace the gag and rope from the meme described at the beginning of the text, because they perfectly suppress external sounds. The prize pool is PLN 5,000

Applications can be made on the dedicated website at . To improve your mood, we also encourage you to join the Server Stories on Facebook group .

One participant may send only one application. It cannot be offensive or vulgar.

I am convinced that in the current reality life will provide scripts that the creator of the best Polish comedies, Stanisław Bareja, would not be ashamed of. If so, it would be almost a sin not to share them with others.

* The text was created in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and ABSA

Only laughter can save us. Server Stories Competition will help you through difficult times


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