OnePlus Buds will also be launched on July 21

OnePlus presents its True Wireless earphones OnePlus Buds on July 21. officially before. For the first time there are headphones without cables from OnePlus.

On July 21st not only the new OnePlus Nord will be presented, but also the OnePlus Buds. The manufacturer officially announced this today.

According to a Finnish certification site, the headphones have the designation E501A and the charging case supports charging with 7.5 watts.

" With the new OnePlus Buds we are expanding our product portfolio to offer our users an uncomplicated user experienceOur users are looking for the right combination of great sound quality, seamless connectivity and an easy-to-use product. That is exactly what the OnePlus Buds will deliver. "

Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus

The OnePlus Buds post will also be featured on July 21st first appeared on Xiaomist .


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