Not only Note 20 and Fold 2. What will Samsung show on Galaxy Unpacked?

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is coming, and with it the premiere of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 smartphones. But that's not all, because Samsung is preparing much more news.

Samsung invites you to the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, which will take place on August 5. The last two teasers leave no illusions about the equipment that will debut that day. In the first teaser we saw the tip of the S Pen , which does not give much scope for interpretation. Galaxy Note 20 is coming!

The second teaser posted yesterday is equally obvious. Description "One fold, infinite possibilities. Unpacked on August 5, 2020 "makes it clear that on August 5 a new folding smartphone will debut. In addition, the animation contained in the tweet shows liquid metal forming the "X", which is associated with the official wallpaper from the first Galaxy Fold.

What do we know about the Galaxy Note 20 ?

The appearance of the smartphone appeared for a moment on the official Samsung website, so the back cover will not be a surprise. When it comes to components, we also know them quite well .


The screen may be a surprise, however, according to the latest announcements, it should be completely flat.

The well-known leak provider, @UniverseIce , showed a comparison of the appearance of Note 10 and 20. If these announcements are confirmed, in my opinion the predecessor will remain a much nicer and more futuristic smartphone.

In addition, the king of leaks, Evan Blass, showed the Galaxy Note 20 on each side in the animation. Yes, this smartphone has no more secrets for us in terms of appearance.

We also know quite a lot about Galaxy Fold 2 .

samsung galaxy fold 2
The S Pen stylus is rather a wishful thinking graphic artist.

Fold's successor is to be called ... simply Galaxy Fold 2 without the "Z" element in the name. The new fold-out smartphone will also have a much larger front screen than its predecessor, and the internal display will be without a notch, but a small cutout for a selfie camera will appear on it. It looks like Galaxy Fold 2 will fight with the new folding Huawei , and the duel promises to be interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is another certainty.

We know almost everything about Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 . And although the Galaxy Watch 2 has never appeared, Samsung intends to skip this version so that users do not confuse this product with Galaxy Watch Active 2. The new generation of watches will have the name three.

The watch is to be equipped with a rotating physical bezel and two buttons to operate the interface. In terms of appearance, you should not expect a revolution, but at the same time Watch 3 will be much less coarse than its predecessor.

Additionally, Samsung will most likely show the new Galaxy Buds Live headphones.

Samsung "Beans" from time to time return on subsequent leaks, including the animation, which almost certainly leaked to Samsung. The Internet has quickly called the new headphones "beans" (Galaxy Beans), but it seems that the official name of this product is Galaxy Buds Live.

The headphones have active noise reduction, and are distinguished by a completely new look, breaking with the style of existing Galaxy Buds devices. The new headphones look minimalist and very futuristic, like a gadget from a science fiction movie.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

I wonder how this equipment lies in the ear because there are no erasers in the graphics. In turn, Galaxy Buds are one of the most convenient headphones precisely because of the wide configuration possibilities, because in each handset we can exchange two types of elastics, internal and external.

The fifth of August promises to be very exciting. New Samsung devices look fresh and very attractive so far. Be with us that day to learn more.

Not only Note 20 and Fold 2. What will Samsung show on Galaxy Unpacked?


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