Nissan Ariya officially launched

The new Nissan Ariya was officially launched. The e-crossover was presented and should be delivered to the United States in mid-2021. An exact date is still missing.

The vehicle should offer up to 500 km of purely electrical range (WLTP cycle). The base price for the car is said to be $ 40,000. There will be two versions.

There will be two battery sizes with 63 kWh and 87 kWh. The former is equipped with a single engine, has 200 hp and is said to have a range of 350 km. The performance model has a dual engine, almost 400 hp and should come up to 500 km range.

The Nissan Ariya should come in 5 versions in the trade. The top model can be charged at home with up to 22 kW and on the Supercharger with up to 130 kW.

So far, Nissan has not commented on whether and when the Ariya will come to Europe. At the start, however, it is still intended for the North American market.


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