Netflix: 25 films and series for your weekend

The weekend is coming again. And Netflix has again updated its offer for the weekend and the coming week.

Below is an overview of all the new films and series released on Netflix this week. There are interesting things to be found underneath.

All new films on Netflix

  • Cube
  • Eagle Eye - Out of Control
  • DJ Cinderella
  • On Est Ensemble
  • The Equalizer 2
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Bruno
  • The invisible - we want to live
  • The cheaters
  • Fatal affair
  • Men and women
  • Living in bondage: breaking free
  • Father Soldier Son

All new series at Netflix

  • Knightfall season 2
  • The drug business
  • Dark passion
  • Skin decision: Before - After
  • Indian matchmaking
  • Cursed - The Chosen One
  • mouth to mouth
  • Hotel Del Luna
  • Abby Hatcher
  • Slasher - Solstice (Season 3)
  • Slasher - The Guilty (Season 2)
  • Suits season 8 (from July 18)

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