Microsoft s conference encouraged you to buy the Xbox Series X? The editorial poll shows who is winning the console race

We are after the Microsoft conference showing the first games for the Xbox Series X console. Are the new Halo, the new Forza and the new Fable enough to make us run to the stores on the day of the premiere? I asked my editorial colleagues about it. I will know your answers even more, which I am asking for in the comments. I'm curious what you think about the Microsoft show and its upcoming titles.

Piotr Grabiec - Sony could not have dreamed of a better show of Xbox games

The Xbox Series X game show is a no-brainer joke and the best gift Microsoft could have given its Japanese rivals. We were expecting such a creme de la creme from the Redmond company and we wanted to know the effects of spending its trucks of cash for video game studios, and we got a real festival of average people. The only moments when my heart beat faster were those trailers where… no gameplay was shown. The ones in which it was shown make me feel bad .

Halo Infinite, presented for the first time, should in turn knock us out of our shoes, but it looked worse than many games of this generation! From this perspective, I believe that Microsoft made a terrible decision and should no longer keep the first Xbox One under a respirator. It looks like it's because of him that we'll wait for real next-gen games until at least 2022. As a result, the Xbox Series X on my shopping list dropped out of the "maybe I'll buy" column and hit the "I don't see the need" list. The Game Pass machine will be Xbox One X for me.

  • The biggest bomb of the show: STALKER 2 - due to the sentiment towards the first installment
  • The biggest misfire of the show: Halo Infinite - This game looks like it's from the beginning of the current generation
  • General level of excitement: 2/10

Dawid Kosiński - The winner of this show is Game Pass

I can be convinced to buy the Xbox Series X by the new Forza, Fable and the fact that practically all of the presented titles will be available at no additional charge, in an Xbox Game Pass subscription. As if that was not enough, they will work not only on Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and strong PCs, but ... practically everywhere. The xCloud cloud technology will allow us to run GamePass games even on the cheapest laptop and mobile device. And all this for just a few dozen zlotys a month.

It is too early to judge whether Microsoft will win the upcoming generation of consoles. The Game Pass subscription may mean that even if the physical Xboxes are sold less than the competitors' consoles, the Xbox will be the most popular platform in the world. This is how the cloud changes the gaming world.

  • The biggest bomb of the show: Game Pass - will allow you to play AAA titles for almost free, on any equipment
  • The biggest misfire of the show: Halo Infinite - the game doesn't look like it's from a brand new console
  • General level of excitement: 5/10

Maciek Gajewski - I guess I was expecting too much

It was supposed to be a hard blow. We were to stay, writing colloquially, cut out of slippers. However, this did not happen. We saw a solid show of games that were going to be pretty good. We saw very little gameplay and most of it was from Halo: Infinite (loved it!). A little. It is definitely not enough. Only good games are not something that will attract the attention of customers loyal to platforms such as Steam or PlayStation.

In fact, the only positive aspect of the entire show is the fact that a significant part of the presented games will go to the Xbox Game Pass service. So subscribers of this somewhat sensational service will still have access to good games for a low subscription fee. I do not hide - I am disappointed with the whole show. I still can't wait to buy the Xbox Series X. But after today's show, I made too much promise. And I'm slowly beginning to realize that I'm likewise a bit too hot for the whole next-gen thing. For now, we have more pixels on the screen and frames - and that's basically it. PlayStation can sleep well for now. Especially Steam.

  • The biggest bomb of the show: Halo: Infinite - because they had the courage to show the gameplay
  • The Show's Biggest Misfire: Avowed, Fable, State of Decay 3, and all the other games that "show" relied on a pre-rendered trailer.
  • General level of excitement: 7/10 (before it was 10/10, it seems to have decreased after the show)

Łukasz Kotkowski - none of the games shown will pull the Xbox Series X. Game Pass will pull it.

There is nothing to beat the bush: I have all the members in place, the presentation of the games for the new Xbox did not break anything. As a die-hard PC, I watched it only because almost all of the games shown today will also be available on PCs, and on Game Pass. And this is the key word of today's presentation: Game Pass.

So what if PlayStation will have more "highlights". It is on the Xbox Series X that playing hundreds of more or less interesting games will cost a fraction of the price of one "exclusive" on PS5. This subscription is the same "seller system" as the new Spiderman for PlayStation, for example. I wonder what will convince more people - cheap gaming or a few exclusive games.

  • The biggest bomb of the show: Stalker 2. I've been waiting for this sequel for years and will play it like a wicked one.
  • The biggest misfire of the show: the graphic design of the presented productions. Not a single game looked next-gen.
  • General level of excitement: 3/10

Marcin Połowianiuk - they didn't sell the Xbox to me, but they probably didn't even try.

I really liked a few titles from the show. The horror / thriller The Medium, as well as Stalker 2, made the biggest impression on me. I was also curious about games with a strong focus on the story, such as Tell Me Why, Everwild or As Dusk Falls. This is my type of game.

Unfortunately, the show itself quite disappointed me. I was expecting real bombs, and above all a show of beautiful graphics, because the Xbox Series X is to be the most powerful console. So where is this power? Halo Infinite visually disappointed me a lot, and the later trailers only added their contribution to the general feeling of disappointment. It seems that this year I will not buy a PS5, let alone the Xbox Series X. None of the producers convinced me that it is worth investing money to start the next generation.

  • The biggest bomb of the show: The Medium. I'm worried about the quality of the gameplay, but the idea and atmosphere bought me completely.
  • The show's biggest dud: Halo Infinite. Incredibly, the loudest next-gen title on the Xbox looks so weak.
  • General level of excitement: 2/10

Microsoft's conference encouraged you to buy the Xbox Series X? The editorial poll shows who is winning the console race


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