Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is here

After numerous beta builds, the Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is now being rolled out for everyone. In addition to the obvious visual changes, it's important to add that Microsoft Launcher v6 builds on a new code base that allows developers to add more new features than ever before.

Speaking of new features, Microsoft Launcher v6 includes a brand new dark theme that is compatible with the default settings of Android dark mode. There is also a new personalized news feed.

The Microsoft Launcher offers full support for landscape mode as well as fully customizable symbols. Last but not least, the new version of Microsoft Launcher boots faster than ever, uses much less memory and is battery friendly. Not to mention that the Microsoft Launcher now has smooth animations.

Of course, there are still some issues to be solved in future updates, such as the fact that native Android 10 navigation gestures may not work for all phone manufacturers and models. Additionally, some users may notice sticky note synchronization issues that occur after upgrading to the new version of Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is compatible with phones running Android 7.0 or higher, but some features may only work on devices running Android 8 or higher.


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