Microsoft Launcher 6 is a new hand. It is worth giving him a chance

The new Microsoft Launcher version, almost completely written from scratch, is coming to the Play Store. There are not many functional novelties, but it is a good opportunity to give this launcher a chance.

Android allows any application to take over the role of desktop display. If we don't like the home screen of our phone, no problem - we'll find hundreds of replacements in the Play Store, including from companies such as Google and Microsoft.

The latter has just introduced the sixth version of its launcher to the Play Store. There are not many novelties in relation to the five - in fact, it is only worth mentioning one that is support for horizontal display mode. However, the entire application has been rewritten from the code base side, making it light, fast and responsive on almost every device. The new foundation is also to open the way to new products that await us in an indefinite future.

Why is Microsoft Launcher 6 worth giving a chance?

Using one launcher on phones from different manufacturers makes them easier to use - we do not have to learn each of the interfaces again, after all, the same launcher always looks and works the same. The one from Microsoft meets the most important of my needs: it allows you to stick the most important widgets, folders and icons on the home screens, and stores the rest of the application in a separate collection, available under a convenient gesture. However, this is what most launchers can do, including those from phone manufacturers.

In Microsoft Launcher, however, I like the ability to attach convenient shortcuts to gestures. Move your finger down? Phone and Google content search engine, as for iOS. Move up? List of all applications. Move up, but from the edge? Access to system switches such as flashlight or airplane mode. Left or right? Further desktops or functional pages with the Task List, Sticky Notes, calendar or other - you can configure it all freely.

I must admit that the ability to download the daily Bing wallpaper and set it automatically as a daily wallpaper on my phone is another of the advantages for me. Not a very useful function, but Bing publishes beautiful wallpapers every day - and I don't have to worry about getting bored when I have a new one every day.

The most unique feature of Microsoft Launcher is its integration with the Timeline. This is Microsoft's mechanism, recording at our request on Android and Windows all our actions in applications (web, operating on data on OneDrive or native supporting this function) for the last 30 days. We want to quickly open the document on the phone that we were working on the computer the day before yesterday? Just find in the Timeline and click. This, of course, works both ways:

On the computer, we also see in the Timeline all recently launched documents:

Microsoft Launcher 6 is already reaching the first users. Interestingly, my phone does not yet see the update, so probably and not all of you will see it right away - it's just a matter of time. However, I encourage you to give Launcher a chance. I use it not only because on Spider's Web I am responsible for watching Microsoft. I use it because it is just very good.

Microsoft Launcher 6 is a new hand. It is worth giving him a chance


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