KFC raises the stake. It will print its chickens

KFC has just announced the establishment of cooperation with the Russian biotechnology company 3D Bioprinting Solutions. The fruit of this cooperation will be ... printed pieces of chicken in an unparalleled and globally associated coating.

The idea is very interesting and consists of artificial or laboratory production of poultry meat. Representatives of 3D Bioprinting Solutions claim that the company has technology that allows the so-called additive printing of living cell tissue. The details of the operation of this technology remain a well-guarded and very valuable secret. We can only speculate that the method developed by the Russians is already effective enough to convince KFC to invest in it.

Chicken Printing

The cooperation will look like this: KFC is to provide the Russians with all the necessary ingredients for printing all the necessary components, including their famous coating, and the Russians, in turn, are to develop a technological process that will allow printing ready-to-fry and throwing artificial chicken pieces into a bucket. The main goal is to print meat that would not differ in any way from the current standard of products sold by KFC.

KFC representatives also boast that the biofit of chicken pieces is much more environmentally friendly, uses less natural resources and does not emit as much greenhouse gas as standard poultry farming methods.

A much more interesting thread, however, is whether this whole experiment will succeed. So far, research on 3D biography has shown that the cellular material produced in this way is highly unstable, which is why we can forget about the use of this technology, e.g. for printing organs needed for transplants. On the other hand, crispy chicken pieces are probably a much smaller technological challenge.

If everything goes according to plan, the first printed chickens will be sold to Moscow KFC customers this fall.

KFC raises the stake. It will print its chickens


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