It s hard to believe it s an average guy. Here is OnePlus Nord for PLN 1899

There are two possibilities. Either we just saw the best smartphone in its class or the most exuberant launch this year. This is OnePlus Nord.

After a month (!) Of teasing fans with more scraps of information, OnePlus finally opens the curtain and unveils its new "cheap" phone, which is also the beginning of a new product line and a return to the roots. For making inexpensive devices that are supposed to throw a glove to much more expensive flagships.

It's hard to believe that OnePlus Nord is an average

On paper, the new OnePlus smartphone looks fantastic.

Its heart is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G chip, supported by 8 or even 12 GB of RAM. There will also be space for data, because we have 128 or 256 GB of it at our disposal.

The whole is powered by a battery with a capacity of 4115 mAh and although we will not charge it wirelessly, we will do it with a quick 30W charging via USB-C, which will charge the battery to 70%. within 30 minutes. Its capacity, however, is quite low, and this is potentially one of the Nord's weaknesses.

The front is equally interesting from the inside of the device. We find an AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 6.44 ", a resolution of 2400 x 1080 px and a 90 Hz refresh rate.

The frames around the screen are minimal, and the display itself is only distracted by one notch, and the two front cameras - 32 Mpix and 8 Mpix with an ultrawide lens.

Speaking of cameras, the manufacturer praised the premiere that despite the mid-shelf price, OnePlus Nord is to have photo opportunities as the best phones.

For this purpose, a system of four cameras was used, about which I have some doubts.

The first is a 48 Mpix sensor with a wide-angle lens. The second is an 8 Mpix sensor with an ultrawide lens. For this we have a 5-megapixel depth sensor and a 2-megapixel camera with a macro lens.

These parameters do not sound like "the best phone" in any way and I am afraid that OnePlus has exaggerated a bit with praising the optical capabilities of the Nord. We will find out about this only during the review.

OnePlus Nord - price in Poland

The only great unknown that this premiere has revealed to us is the price we will pay for this phone.

OnePlus Nord will go on sale in Europe in August. In Poland, it will be available in the x-kom store at the following prices:

  • OnePlus Nord 8/128 GB - PLN 1899
  • OnePlus Nord 12/256 GB - PLN 2299

The prices are more than reasonable and OnePlus thus chased the cat above all Motorola with its Edge model, LG Velvet and Oppo Reno 3 Pro. Thus, OnePlus Nord is one of the cheapest 5G smartphones on the market, and if you take into account the price-performance ratio among 5G smartphones - it is absolutely the best-priced.

There are also no major compromises in the specification. Apart from the presence of a single loudspeaker instead of a stereo system, this phone has everything we expect from a higher-middle-class smartphone. There was also NFC for contactless payments.

Minor shortcomings can also be easily forgiven, because OnePlus Nord will work under Android 10 with the Oxygen OS overlay, and this is the best optimized Android overlay on the market, so you can expect that the smoothness of operation and quality of service will be at the highest level here.

OnePlus - as in the case of previous models - also took care of the availability of accessories. From the premiere, there will be an interesting case with which we will protect the new phone. At the time of writing, however, we do not know if they will be available in Poland or if they will have to be ordered directly from OnePlus (and it is possible).

OnePlus Nord

The most interesting and at the same time the worst played premiere of OnePlus in a long time.

Although OnePlus Nord promises to be a fantastic device, this time the manufacturer has definitely changed the way of presentation.

First there was a month (!!) of announcements and scraps of information. "Documentary film" in episodes, depicting the history of the creation of OnePlus Nord, judging by the comments, did not care even the most die-hard fans. With each subsequent episode, the voices of excitement faded, and the comments "come on, let it out" grew.

In addition, we knew almost everything about Nord before its premiere, so today's presentation might as well not have taken place. OnePlus Nord could just hit the stores and everyone would be satisfied.

Instead, even the presentation itself was exaggerated - it wasn't in the form of a video like many product launches this year, but inside an augmented reality app.

Obviously, I appreciated the willingness to do something else, but it was a complete excess of form over substance. OnePlus seems to have forgotten that it is not Apple. The presentation itself was also poorly visible and required a painful movement of the smartphone around the virtual stage. It wasn't a nice experience and I hope OnePlus won't repeat it again. The more that - at least on my iPhone 11 - the presentation hung after 3 minutes and I had to continue following the premiere via the OnePlus profile on Twitter ...

Nevertheless, I am waiting impatiently for the moment when OnePlus Nord will fall into my hands. OnePlus has a rich history of making good and inexpensive phones, so it is possible that, despite the launch, the Nord will turn out to be a real firecracker.

It's hard to believe it's an average guy. Here is OnePlus Nord for PLN 1899


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