Is PlayStation 5 for PLN 2,499 a lot or little? We compare the price with other Sony consoles debuting in Poland

The first major Polish store published the price of the PlayStation 5 console. The more expensive version with an optical drive will cost PLN 2,499. Is that a lot or a little? I decided to compare this sum with the prices of other consoles debuting in Poland.

Making a direct comparison between the price of PlayStation 5 and the prices of previous consoles is a bit more difficult than you might think. A simple conversion of the Western price into PLN does not work because the prices of consoles in our country often differed significantly from American rates. The credit goes to the brokers. Many console companies did not have (and still do not have) official branches in Poland.

A separate issue is inflation, the strength of the zloty in a given period and the purchasing power of a Pole in a given year. Today's 2,000 zlotys is completely different money than 2,000 zlotys in 1996. That is why I put official Polish console prices next to ZUS's average gross wages , although in part trying to outline the different economic reality from years ago. When the average salary in Poland was PLN 800, buying a console was a completely different challenge than in today's reality.

First PlayStation: PLN 1599 Average salary: PLN 873

When the first PlayStation debuted in early 1996, it was valued at PLN 1,599. A significant price, considering the average monthly salary of PLN 873 gross. The distribution of PSX in Poland was initially the intermediary: the Lancer company.

It wasn't until mid-1996 that the Polish branch of Sony took care of distribution of the PlayStation console. The price of the device was then significantly reduced, amounting to PLN 999. The new rate was more attractive, but it was still more than the monthly salary of an average Pole, expressed in gross terms. Game prices, reaching PLN 249 per box, were also a problem.

PlayStation 2: PLN 2699 Average salary: 1923 PLN

PlayStation 2 was released without intermediaries from the very beginning by the Polish branch of Sony. Despite this, the device was absurdly high, at PLN 2,699. When the average salary was PLN 1923 gross, and after Poland a huge wind of social stratification was blowing, hardly anyone could afford this type of product.

At the time of the release of PlayStation 2, falling in 2000, the first PlayStation was still a real sales hit. The slimmed PS One turned out to be a hit. In 2001, the price of PlayStation 2 dropped to PLN 2299, which was still a very high amount, considering the average salary of PLN 2061 gross.

PlayStation 3: PLN 2399 Average salary: 2691 PLN

Debuting in 2007, PS3 (Polish premiere took place with a slight delay) is the first Sony console whose price is less than the average gross salary of a Polish consumer. Despite this, Sony encountered great difficulty in selling its platform, largely due to the presence of a market competitor. Xbox 360 released a year earlier has already cost 1699 PLN. The secret of the polyszynela was that the Microsoft platform was easily convertible into pirated copies of games.

Although PS3 did not have an easy task in Poland, it was this platform that changed the console market in Poland. Sony gave the green light to today's SIEP, allocating reasonable amounts to marketing and advertising. Bogusław Linda as Kratos is a symbol of the professionalization of the console market in Poland, with Polish game releases, marketing campaigns in the media, cooperation with celebrities and so on.

PlayStation 4: PLN 1799 Average salary: PLN 3650.

Most Readers will probably agree with me when the name PS4 is the first Sony console tailored to the Polish pocket. The device could be purchased by practically anyone who has a job and their own source of income. Expenditure of PLN 1799 with an average gross salary of PLN 3650 meant that the price of PlayStation 4 ceased to be a problem, and it began to be the availability of the device on the shelves. Catching the premiere copy of PS4 in November 2013 was a feat in many places in Poland.

PS4 is the fastest-selling Sony console in Polish history. The relatively low price of the device translated into a fairly limited evolution in the technological area. Perhaps that's why the architects of PS5 focus on a more fundamental replacement of components, which obviously brings us to a higher price for a new generation device.

PlayStation 5: PLN 2499 - the smallest financial effort in the history of Sony consoles?

According to the x-kom store, the new Sony console will cost PLN 2,499 . I am talking about the more expensive PlayStation 5 model equipped with an optical drive. At the same time, the average gross salary in 2020 is PLN 5,198 - this is data for the first quarter of this year, before the coronavirus pandemic. The price of the device is noticeably higher than the price we paid for PlayStation 4. On the other hand, the purchasing power of Poles grew even more, at least according to ZUS data.

However, we must take into account that the ZUS information only illustrates a fragment of Polish reality. They refer to fully taxed wages on the employment contract. In turn, an increasing number of people work on junk contracts and also set up their own businesses. Receiving a fully taxed salary is now a luxury that fewer and fewer Poles entering the market can afford. ZUS data omits hundreds of thousands of people who are not beneficiaries of a dynamically rising salary.

If we look at the price-pay ratio for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, we'll see that buying a PS5 is less of a financial burden on your home budget (employment contract) than buying a PS4 in 2013. We will pay more for the console itself, but many of us it will feel less painful than seven years ago.

Most of us will buy PlayStation 5 in three years from the market launch.

We must take into account that most consumers do not buy game consoles during the premiere window. The highest frequency of sales of this type of products takes place 2-4 years after the market debut, during Christmas and First Communion. Polish consumers are mostly reasonable and patient. Waiting for constant price reductions, reviews made after a long period of use of the equipment, reliable information on failure rates as well as improved and cheaper Slim models, optimized in terms of the technology and production chain.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if the majority of consumers wait for the PS5 price to drop, until the symbolic barrier of PLN 1999 is exceeded. However, if, like me, you are a technological enthusiast and buy a device on the day of release, you also have no reason to complain too much. Considering the revolutionary fast SDD and DualSense haptic controller, PlayStation 5 is not as expensive as some players and analysts feared.

You are buying?

Is PlayStation 5 for PLN 2,499 a lot or little? We compare the price with other Sony consoles debuting in Poland


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