iPhone 12 with a new braided cable. To wipe away the tears from the charger

It is almost certain that the iPhone 12 will go on sale without a wall charger. It is possible, however, that Apple will calm its customers with a new braided Lightning / USB-C cable.

The internet is sending clear signals: the iPhone 12 will be sold without a charger. However, it looks like just like the AC charger will fall out of the iPhone box, the cable will stay in it. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a long-awaited two-sided USB-C cable, similar to the one attached to MacBooks and iPad Pro.

The iPhone 12 will probably keep the Lightning port, but it will get a better quality cable.

If you believe the information that Twitter's DuanRui profile has shared, your new Apple phone will be equipped with the original new type cable. It is to have a braided braid, which should provide greater resistance to mechanical damage compared to cables currently sold by the company that have a plastic sheath.

If this happens, then everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. Cables attached to iPhones years ago became basically a meme, and although I haven't twisted yet myself, my loved ones apparently treat them worse and destroy them in power. The Internet is also full of complaints about the quality of these cables and it is possible that these complaints finally reached Apple.

The new Apple cables will wipe away the tears from the charger.

I have too many cubes to insert into sockets, plugs into sockets and drawers, but cables that are much more emergency, and which I often give to my family, are in contact. For this reason, from my perspective, getting rid of the charger for a better cable is good news. I am much more outraged by the idea that new iPhones have smaller links ...

However, I understand that in the first impulse you can take the fact of taking the charger from the box with the phone outraged as I am on news of smaller batteries. Customers may feel stuck in a bottle, but if you think about it in depth , the same decision should be made by all other smartphone manufacturers (including headphones ). For the good of our planet.

iPhone 12 with a new braided cable. To wipe away the tears from the charger


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