Instagram no longer pretends that it s about photos. The activity section turns into a bulletin board

Instagram no longer even tries to pretend it's about something other than money. The change in the iOS app is a very bad step.

Instagram is my favorite social platform, without a doubt. There is not much policy there, but (with proper filtering of the watchlist) a lot of great photos and fantastic creators on Insta Stories.

Unfortunately, like everything that came out of Facebook, Instagram also has to keep up with the growing appetite of shareholders. Every year, therefore, increases the turnover of the machine for producing money, and this by trying to introduce commissions for partner actions or simply increasing the number of ads displayed in the application.

When I scroll through the Instagram board at the moment, every fourth post seen is an advertisement. Every third Stories is advertising. Who would think that was enough - but not.

Instagram changes. The heart disappears from the bottom beam.

Today on the bottom navigation bar we have the following set of functions, counting from the left: table, search, adding a post, activity, profile.

Under the heart, we can look at recent activity on our profile - who liked the post, who commented, etc. This is a very fast and convenient form of quick preview, from which it is easy to e.g. reply to a comment.

Unfortunately, Instagram decided that "it's easy and fast" is not their style, and advertising every four posts is not enough.

That is why he decided to change the menu layout in the mobile application and now instead of hearts we have ... a shopping bag. And the list of recent activities has been replaced by the Store.

In the Store we will find the same thing that has so far pierced posts - ads for products intelligently tailored to our history of online activity.

As I am looking for a watch and I regularly look for photo accessories, currently the Store section is occupied by photos of watches and photo equipment. Of course, however, there are also products that are completely "on the cap", probably positioned higher depending on how much the store / creator has paid for better visibility.

After touching the photo, we see the details of the offer and can go to the site to make a purchase.

As for the "activity" tab, which was previously in the place of the Store icon ... disappeared from the main screen. Now, to get to it, we must first go to the profile and then touch the heart icon in the upper right corner.

The change has so far occurred in the iOS application, on several Android phones that I have on hand, the old Instagram menu layout still appears. There is no doubt, however, that sooner than later the heart will give way to the shopping bag.

Instagram has less and less in common with photography.

Just as Facebook has less and less in common with communities and Messenger with communication, so Instagram has less and less in common with sharing photos.

Today, Instagram is nothing less than just a slightly camouflaged bulletin board.

I can understand this from an Instagram point of view - they do not get 5 percent for displaying nice pictures. commission, and for sale through the store already.

However, as an avid user, I am irritated and disgusted with this change. Less and less in actual social media on the actual community and less and less content, and more and more stuffing users down the throat of more or less hit products. I understand the need for monetization, but when it comes at the expense of using the service, you have to say lane. Unfortunately, this is the case when the only measure of application development is its earnings increase.

Instagram no longer pretends that it's about photos. The activity section turns into a bulletin board


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