In Biedronka you can now buy headphones from ANC for a hundred. I checked them out

Wireless headphones with noise reduction have just hit the Biedronka stores. They cost only 119 PLN. We checked whether it is worth buying them.

Initially, I was afraid for their endurance, because the first time they creaked strongly, but this problem fortunately did not appear again. Hykker headphones seem decently made at first glance. They are not bad, although you can see that matte dark plastic is not of the highest quality. At this price, however, I did not expect anything else. Their weakest element is the hinges responsible for folding the headphones for more convenient insertion into the case (included in the kit).

Hykker wireless headphones proved to be very comfortable.

Foldable, adjustable headband does not put too much pressure on your head, while the earmuffs are soft enough. I had no problem spending a few hours in them. And here it is worth clearly confirming that I am talking about a few hours instead of several hours. According to the manufacturer, the built-in 500 mAh battery lasts for 12 hours of listening to music and this declaration turned out to be true.

To fill up the energy shortages, you must use the microUSB port. Next to it was a charging diode, a socket for the cable (if someone did not want to use Bluetooth, the cable is included) and four buttons used to start / stop the headphones, select the next and previous songs from the playlist and start / stop the ANC function. I was surprised that volume control is not possible directly from the headphones, but it was not a big disadvantage.

And how did I listen to music during these few hours?

In a nutshell: tolerable. I myself have much more expensive headphones and I have heard that the Hykker model is inferior to them. I was able to hear noises and light clicks during the tests, but in my opinion the quality was satisfactory for 119 PLN. I wasn't charmed, but I didn't feel the need to immediately take the headphones off my head. It was just right for the price level. Strangely, the sound sounded better when ANC turned on than without it. It was more loud, bass and juicy at the time.

Although the headphones have a built-in microphone, I do not advise you to talk through them, especially outside. It just works badly, metallic, unnatural. Hykker headphones are definitely not suitable for conversations.

The most important function and distinguishing feature of Hykker headphones is ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), i.e. active noise reduction. This option will be useful mainly for people who care about peace and quiet. And although, to put it mildly, this is not the best ANC I have used - louder sounds break through them after all - it does not look bad especially when compared to direct competition.

On most headphones from this price range, ANC is just a theoretical addition here, in fact, it is present and users should be satisfied with how it works, as long as they do not expect jamming during the flight. It is available on equipment several times more expensive.

And as I wrote earlier, when you turn on the ANC, the sound in them gets better. It's always a plus.

Is it worth buying Hykker headphones from Biedronka?

If you are looking for over-ear wireless headphones, you can only spend 119 zlotys on them and want to buy them immediately, then Hykker's proposal should draw your attention. Do not settle down, however, that these will be your only headphones that you will spend long years with. I am convinced that in a while you will exchange them for something better, but also a lot more expensive. For example, when you hear what real ANC sounds like.

In Biedronka you can now buy headphones from ANC for a hundred. I checked them out


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