If you re looking for a cheap cinema lens, hold on. Sirui is back with a wide and cheap glass

If you are looking for a cheap cinema lens, wait a moment with your purchase. In August, the sale of the new anamorphic Sirui 35 mm f / 1.8 lens, which can be a big hit.

Sirui's first anamorphic lens caught the attention of filmmakers. It was the first affordable anamorphic glass, i.e. one that until recently was reserved only for large film productions.

Anamorphic lenses are largely responsible for the so-called film look material, but at the same time are expensive. Meanwhile, the first Sirui 50 mm f / 1.8 1.33x was valued at $ 700, or about 3,000 zł. This is a level within the reach of most video enthusiasts, not to mention professionally recording people.

Now it's time for the new product: Sirui 35 mm f / 1.8 1.33x

The lens, like its predecessor, is designed to work with cameras and camcorders equipped with Micro Four Thirds and APS-C matrixes. The design has replaceable mounts, so we can create a version with Micro Four Thirds mount, Sony E, Canon EF-M and Nikon Z.

This time the new lens has a 35 mm focal length, which in my opinion is a much more interesting choice. Undoubtedly, it is also a more universal choice. A wider angle of view of the lens will allow you to record more types of scenes, not just portrait sections. 50 mm has an APS-C matrix - especially for Micro Four Thirds - it gives a fairly narrow angle of view. 35 mm is a typical standard.

The lens is a fully manual construction made of metal and glass. When we record in the standard 16: 9 format, after stretching the material we get 2.4: 1 end proportions, with very characteristic oval bokeh and with horizontal blue flares running from point light sources.

The previous lens was a big hit for Indiegogo. It can be similar with the new one.

Sirui is a company known for the production of photo accessories, mainly from tripods. Entering the lens segment would be risky for such a producer, which is why Sirui decided on crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Customers can blindly order the product for a lower price, and the manufacturer gains funds to start production. Funds for the implementation of the first project were collected in just three hours.

The campaign of the second lens starts on Indiegogo on the third of August . The lens will then be available at a price of $ 599, or 25 percent. cheaper than regular sales. Another hit is coming.

If you're looking for a cheap cinema lens, hold on. Sirui is back with a wide and cheap glass


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