I watch you on Twitch and throw you a pack of cartridges into the game. We talk to the creator of Hyper Scape about a unique batte royale in a giant policy

Hyper Scape is another production from the battle royale genre. We asked one of its creators how this shooter will differ from the others.

Ubisoft is entering the battle royale market with impetus, where it will face dueling players such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call from Duty: Warzone. Why would the players themselves be interested in his Hyper Scape and what makes this production unique ? The answer to this question is given to us by Graeme Jennings, a senior producer dealing with this title.

Who is Hyper Scape for ? Graeme Jennings of Ubisoft explains it

Spider's Web: There are already a lot of battle royale games on the market. Why are you doing another one?

Graeme Jennings, senior producer at Ubisoft: We are confident that we will provide fresh experience in the genre that will appeal to both fans of BR games and players who have not previously been interested in them. Hyper Scape was developed from the beginning with an emphasis on three creative pillars to make the game stand out from everything that is already available on the market:

  • Neo Arkadia, i.e. a 100% urbanized and futuristic field of play, encourages intensive fight at close range, including vertically;
  • A fresh approach to the BR formula with solutions such as Hacking, Fusion and Decomposition, a climatic Showdown phase and an innovative respawn mechanism make Hyper Scape a unique battle royale;
  • Hyper Scape Crowncast, a new generation extension to Twitch that rewards and entertains viewers and also allows them to influence the game in real time, which creates unprecedented possibilities for interaction between streamers and fans.

I like that all parts of the map look like a densely built-up city. Was it difficult to achieve? Most developers help by arranging gardens and green fields. There are some technical limitations after all.

Of course, gathering a hundred players only in urban areas while maintaining fast action without going below 60 FPS is a technical challenge and we have worked a lot to achieve it. You always have to achieve a balance between the detail of the image and the smoothness of the game, but we are very pleased with where we managed to get.

Hyper Scape 2

I don't use Twitch very often and I prefer to play myself than watch someone play. Will I be able to fully enjoy the game in Hyper Scape without spectators and without Twitch?

Yes, of course, you'll be able to play without a Twitch account and without streaming games on this platform. However, to unlock all the cool features from the Twitch extension called Hyper Scape Crowncast (such as voting for selected events) and to develop their battle pass by watching the streamer or get a chance to be invited to his team, players must link their Twitch account with Ubisoft account and use the extension mentioned.

There are two ways to win at Hyper Scape. The first of these is classic - the last remaining player wins. The second is to catch a huge digital crown. Can you explain what exactly this is about?

The showdown is a climatic phase that completes every Hyper Scape game and this is one of the biggest changes we've made to the BR formula. After the Scale reduces the map to the last sector, the Showdown begins and a moment later the Crown spawns. From this moment there are two ways to victory: eliminate all other enemies or move for the Crown. If a player or his team holds the Crown for a certain period of time, its players win the match! Thanks to the mechanics of the Crown, you can win without a single shot if someone is crafty and quick.

Players love cross-play and cross-progression. Can you count on it in Hyper Scape? Can I play PS4 with my friend who uses a PC? Can I view all my skins obtained on PS4 on Xbox One?

Although we are not ready to confirm the details of cross-play mechanics, we can confirm that we will introduce cross-progression when season 1 starts. Cross-progression means that players will have one Hyper Scape account connected to the Ubisoft account, so they will be able to jump from one platform to another without losing access to all unlocked items.

It's obvious that I have to ask one more thing here: what about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X? Backward compatibility or a new version, e.g. with more FPSs? By the way - how many frames per second can players on PS5 and X1 consoles count?

Hyper Scape will be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 as soon as the consoles go on sale, in the same version that is available on Xbox One and PS4. We're looking at options to create features specifically for new generation consoles, but we can't confirm anything right now.

hyper scape

Are you planning to put any story in Hyper Scape? Will there be a theme, some major background conflict? Maybe each of the Champions will have its own story? Or maybe it will be a developing world that tells a story through changes in the appearance of the environment?

Our goal at Hyper Scape is not only to create an intense and innovative Battle Royale experience. In addition to the game itself, Hyper Scape is a unique and rich universe with strong characters, and each of them has their own motivations to fight in Neo-Arkadia. We introduced our narration through a movie trailer. Players will learn more about these characters and the story behind Hyper Scape season after season, not only through the game itself, but also through other media such as comics. If we were to sum up the theme of the game, it would be as follows:

The world in 2054 became darker, meaner and more desperate. Technology helps people survive the daily grind - from neural networks, through cybernetic implants, to budding AI - but for those 90 percent. population at the bottom of the social ladder, life is hard. Many work for megacorporations to survive - they are lucky. One way to improve your fate is by participating in the intense urban battle royale tournaments that take place in the virtual world of HYPER SCAPE. Become a champion or beloved streamer and your life will change as you could ever dreamed before!

Tell me one more item about Hyper Scape you are particularly proud of - but only one!

One of the things that is important to me is that we've built a game that is unique, with gameplay and this experience that differs from everything else. We wanted to simplify the BR matrix to focus on intensity and fun, and although there are of course a lot of things that can be further improved, the positive feedback we received during the Technical Test shows us that we're going in the right direction.

I watch you on Twitch and throw you a pack of cartridges into the game. We talk to the creator of Hyper Scape about a unique batte royale in a giant policy


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