Huawei has been storing chips for 2 years and plans to manufacture HiSilicon chips in the future

Huawei has practically been cut off from TSMC since mid-May. The United States had issued new sanctions after the ban on Google services had little impact on the smartphone business.

Huawei may no longer receive chips from TSMC from September . The largest paver in the world has now turned to the US government to continue delivering. But everyone knows that the United States will not allow this.

Huawei is now planning to become an Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) itself, which designs, manufactures and sells integrated circuits (ICs). This still takes time, so Huawei has reportedly been storing chips for 2 years to keep production going despite the US ban.

Huawei wants full independence from the United States

Huawei now intends to carry out the design, manufacture of semiconductors and ICs in-house and in its own manufacturing plant in order to be able to offer an extremely diverse range of products, services and technologies.

For this, you no longer want to be dependent on technology, machines and patents from the USA. Everything is to be developed and produced completely independently of the USA. That should take at least 1 year.

Huawei internally believes that the current inventory is sufficient to support HiSilicon until the self-made IDM starts production.

Huawei advisor

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