Huawei: Corona warning app still not available for devices without Google services

Bad news for anyone using a Huawei smartphone without Google services. Because there is still no Corona warning app available for the devices.

Actually, Huawei's own solution should be available long ago. However, users of new Huawei devices without Google services can still not be warned about Corona.

To work, the German Corona warning app relies on an interface that is only provided via the Google Play services. However, as is well known, the devices can no longer fall back on this.

Huawei continues to comfort users

Huawei still has not found a solution to the problem. Customers continue to be put off publicly. But that cannot be a permanent condition. And above all, it shows what dilemma Huawei is in.

It is currently not even possible for the manufacturer to warn the user about the app in the corona pandemic. Huawei announced support for the app more than 1 month ago , but nothing has happened since then.

All of this makes potential customers increasingly doubt whether a new Huawei device is really still right for them. Because even if protection from a disease using an app is no longer possible, then you should rather choose another manufacturer.


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