Huawei and BYD: electric car with HarmonyOS

Chinese electric car maker BYD and smartphone maker Huawei have announced the world's first car series to be equipped with Huawei's HiCar system. This new system was developed by Huawei and is based on its proprietary HarmonyOS.

The new HiCar system is an intelligent, connectivity-based solution based on the HarmonyOS operating system developed by Huawei. It was announced on July 12 and marks the company's expansion into the automotive networking space. BYD's latest full-flow Han will be the first with the new operating system, according to Richard Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei.

It is also the first time that Huawei offers 5G solutions in vehicles. HarmonyOS was developed as a cross-platform operating system with broad support. In particular, the HiCar system will be available in more than 120 vehicle models from over 30 different car manufacturers, including Audi, BYD, GAC and BAIC.

The new system will essentially allow users to control their vehicles with smartphones, check vehicle status in real time, and more.


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