How to remove the pre-installed applications on your Xiaomi that you do not use (Bloatware)

Next, we will explain how to eliminate the pre-installed applications that Xiaomi adds to their devices with MIUI . These, known as bloatware, make up a wide set of apps that we generally do not use but that we can remove quickly and easily.

If you currently have a Xiaomi you will have noticed that MIUI adds a wide set of pre-installed applications , not only from Google but also from Xiaomi and third parties. These in addition to occupying storage space , consume resources, memory or even sometimes deplete the battery of our terminal.

That is why eliminating the bloatware that Xiaomi adds to its smartphones presents great advantages for our user experience. A highly simple process, which also allows us to delete applications without being root, choosing separately which apps to delete safely.

How to remove Xiaomi apps from MIUI (Bloatware) Remove Xiaomi apps without root, remove bloatware apps. Xiaomi  News

To remove the bloatware that Xiaomi adds on your devices , choosing separately which applications to eliminate specifically, the first step will be to activate the development options. For this we will follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> My device> Press 7 times on «MIUI version»
  2. Once activated we will go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer options
    1. We activate the option "USB Debugging".

Once the USB Debugging mode is activated, we will only need to download the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools . This will allow us to eliminate the applications that Xiaomi pre-installs on all its devices, thus forming the bloatware (For its installation it is necessary to install Java JDK ).

Once we have downloaded Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools we will only have to run it and connect our device via USB to the computer.

Remove Xiaomi apps without root, remove bloatware apps. Xiaomi  News

The Xiaomi ADB FastBoot Tools app allows us to remove Xiaomi applications and their bloatware.

After this, this tool will automatically recognize our device and we can choose which applications to delete . The recommended ones are:

  • Analytics
  • App Vault
  • Backup
  • Browser
  • Facebook
  • Games
  • Google Duo
  • Google play movies
  • Google play music
  • Joyose
  • My App Store
  • My Credit
  • My Drop
  • My Pay
  • My Recycle
  • Miui Daemon
  • MyWebView
  • MSA
  • PAI
  • PartnerBookmarks
  • Extra SMS
  • Translation Service
  • Uniplay Service
  • VsimCore
  • Yellow Pages

Once the applications that we want to remove from our Xiaomi have been selected and thus get rid of all their bloatware, just click on the Unistall! Button. In a matter of minutes we will have removed all the pre-installed apps on our Xiaomi that we do not use.

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