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How to calibrate the proximity sensor of your Xiaomi

The proximity sensor forms one of the fundamental parts of a smartphone. Whether it is in a Xiaomi Mi A3 , a Redmi Note 8 Pro or any other smartphone from the firm, this allows the screen to turn off when we are making a voice call.

In addition, if the proximity sensor is correctly calibrated, it will allow us to listen to WhatsApp voice messages through the terminal's speaker . The same happens with the rest of messaging applications, since this sensor is in charge of detecting that we have our Xiaomi stuck to our ears.

Of course, the proximity sensor fulfills a highly important functionality such as that our Xiaomi does not turn on accidentally if we have it stored in our pocket . Calibrating the sensor correctly will make the system itself automatically detect that it is stored in our pocket, bag, backpack, etc.

How to calibrate the proximity sensor of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO

Calibrate Xiaomi and Redmi proximity sensor. Xiaomi  News

If what we want is to calibrate the proximity sensor of a Xiaomi mobile device, whether it is a Xiaomi, a Redmi or a POCO, the process to follow for its correct calibration will be as follows:

  1. Go to Settings> My device> All specifications
  2. Once inside we will press several times on « Kernel version » until the Hardware Test CIT Menu opens (It can also be started by dialing the * # * # 6484 # * # *

Once inside the CIT menu, depending on our version of MIUI we must perform the following steps in order to start the calibration of the proximity sensor of our Xiaomi:

  1. In the CIT Menu, press on the 3 points in the upper right and then enter " Proximity sensor calibration ".
  2. After that we will cover the proximity sensor until the «5» value of Proximity sensor test is set to 0. Then we press on the « Calibration » button in order to calibrate the proximity sensor of our Xiaomi.

It should be noted that in some terminals this option is located in another section of the CIT Menu. Specifically, we will find it in the "Proximity sensor" menu of said check menu.

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