How to activate the pocket mode of your Xiaomi: prevents the screen from unintentionally turning on

Among the multiple options that Xiaomi provides us on its devices with MIUI we find the pocket mode . This functionality, as its name suggests, prevents unintentional keystrokes from activating the screen of our device.

Thanks to this, we not only manage to avoid accidental pulsations after putting the device in our pocket, but we also manage to reduce energy consumption and protect the screen of our Xiaomi.

For this, the MIUI pocket mode deactivates the touch panel of our Xiaomi in combination with the information received by the proximity sensor . If the latter detects being in the pocket, it will prevent the terminal screen from activating after pressing it or pressing any of the physical buttons.

How to activate pocket mode on your Xiaomi with MIUI

How to activate the pocket mode of your Xiaomi: prevents the screen from turning on unintentionally. Xiaomi  News

To activate the MIUI pocket mode in order to prevent the screen of our Xiaomi from turning on itself inadvertently, we only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Lock screen
  2. Once inside we will activate the option "Pocket mode".

Activating the pocket mode we will prevent the screen of our Xiaomi from accidentally turning on in our pocket, either by pressing its screen or by pressing any of its physical buttons.

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  1. My pocket mode option is enabled but while the phone is in my pocket it automatically open falsh light and camera. I tried to disable yhe4 pocket mode option but the option is blurred and can't tap on it.can you please help me.

  2. Mi 11x pocket mode option not available is create so many problems how to sloved

  3. Mi 11x the pocket mode option is not available as mentioned in above settings option. Kindly advice.

  4. Not available on XIAOMI recent phones. They do not have
    that option, that's it!

  5. Redmi Note 10S not available pocket mode option. What can i do

  6. No pocket mode available in MIUI 14 global....

  7. how to enable pocket mode in xiaomi 11i 5g

  8. My Xiaomi 12T Pro keeps dialing emergency with poket mode enabled. I'm 100% dissapointed. I will never but Xiaomi again.


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