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Honor plans to introduce 200 watt fast-charging technology shortly

Today, OPPO and VIVO have their 125 watts and 120 watts fast charging technologies announced . But that's nothing compared to what Honor is supposed to introduce soon.

Honor announced today that it will soon be launching a new fast charging technology. However, it will not be intended for smartphones, but for the manufacturer's gaming notebooks. A fast charging level of 200 W should be achieved.

According to the Weibo blogger @Ark, Honor's upcoming gaming notebook, code-named FRD, will be delivered with a power supply of 200W. The power supply should be equipped with 20V / 10A and have the model number HW-200A00P00.

The Honor 200W adapter should achieve this charging power with a USB-C + PD path. Honor will hold a press conference on July 16. At the event, a new generation of notebooks will be officially presented - and also the 200 watt fast charging technology.


Honor wants to introduce 200 watt fast charging technology shortly first appeared on Xiaomist .

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