Has become. Huawei sells more smartphones globally than Samsung

The ongoing pandemic has turned out to be kind to Huaweia, but it is also a big problem for Samsung. The Chinese have just overtaken their Korean rivals globally, despite the obstacles thrown at the feet by the US government and worse results than recently. Keyword: Coronavirus.

Huawei was on the way to becoming a leader in the smartphone market, both globally and in Poland, already last year. According to some studies, it even dominated our country for a while, but the company lost momentum when it was targeted by the American president.

With one decision, Donald Trump cut off Chinese companies from Google services, which translated into a decrease in their attractiveness on Western markets, including Europe. Despite this, Samsung, the current leader, has recently suffered even more - not only because of political turmoil, but because of the coronavirus.

huawei vs samsung 2020 2q

Huawei vs Samsung - top reshuffle

Although the Chinese manufacturer is not allowed to enter the United States, and its development on the Old Continent has been hampered (although the company is still doing it despite adversities), it is a hegemon on its home market. In the case of Huaweia, as much as 70 percent. sales are carried out in China, and this is enough to dominate the world.

According to the analytical company Canalys , although the decline in Huaweia's sales fell by 27% outside of China, Samsung, the current leader, is in an even worse situation. The Korean giant sold 53.7 million mobile phones in the last quarter, which is a 30% decrease compared to the same period a year ago.

Samsung is now having problems in the United States, India, Brazil, and many countries in Europe.

Huawei, in turn, can boast sales of 55.8 million units in the same period, generated mainly in the Middle Kingdom. It is true that it is lower globally by 5 percent. Compared to the previous year, but in the fight for the leadership position, it is also how the rival is doing, and the Korean one simply suffered even greater drops this time than the Chinese giant.

huawei vs samsung 2020 2q

However, it is difficult to count on this trend to continue once mankind emerges from the crisis. Samsung will probably rebuild its current position quite quickly when the global economy returns to normal after the lockdown, and Huawei will still have a big problem outside China (where it recorded an increase of 8%) due to the aforementioned lack of access to Google services .

Despite this, Huawei has reasons to celebrate today - for the first time in almost a decade, a company other than Apple or Samsung was in the first place in such a list.

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Has become. Huawei sells more smartphones globally than Samsung


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