Google will overwhelm us with helpful information in the image search engine

Have you ever looked for something in the paintings ? Probably many times. Me too. Google knows this because, after all, this company knows about everything its users are doing and has decided to slightly improve this feature.

This week, users who will use Google Images inside this company's search engine can count on slightly more advanced search results. On its official blog , Google gives the following example: we're in the United States, for example, and are looking for some picturesque landscape park.

Google Graphics is gaining a new feature

So we enter, for example, "landscape parks" and in the name of the principle that a picture is worth more than 1000 words, we immediately go to the Graphics tab. And there, after clicking on a beautiful photo of the park we are interested in, additional information will be displayed. For example, regarding the name of the lake that is displayed in the photo, or some information about the city closest to the park.

Much depends on the user's search term, which will be analyzed by Google's algorithms. These will double and triple to display as much interesting and useful information as possible with the photos we are interested in.

The process will take place thanks to machine learning algorithms, which in addition to analyzing the photo itself, will also read for us the website on which it is displayed.

According to Google, in the initial phase, additional information will be displayed only on selected photos of people, places and things. The company wants to say that refining the new function will probably take some time, so for now it will allow its experimental form to be used, and will use the users of its search engine as beta testers.

It is not yet known when this service will appear in Poland. At first, US residents will use it, but Google promises that users from other countries will also receive it.

Google will overwhelm us with helpful information in the image search engine


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