Google Calendar is changing. You ll see lots of useful features in the pop-up window

A small form for quickly adding new events in Google Calendar will soon gain a number of new features, giving us even less reasons to visit a separate menu.

The Google Calendar application in the web version makes it easy to enter new events using a small form that appears directly in the calendar's main view. Thanks to it, we don't have to open the whole window or subsite to add a new event. It's a very cool improvement for those of us who just want to quickly add a simple entry without playing around in more advanced functions.

google calendar add events

However, Google believes that the compromise between simplicity and functionality lies in a slightly different place. The small form for adding new entries in the Google Web Calendar will grow slightly. In return, however, we will have more options on hand. The change has been announced for the users of G Suite for now, but almost all news from the company's version of Google's services almost immediately goes to consumer editions.

More convenient to add events in Google Calendar.

Soon you will be able to set guest permissions, view calendars and add attachments to the event in the form. You will also be able to change the event's color, customize notifications, set messenger status or event visibility.

google calendar add events

Despite the quite numerous additions, the form does not take up much more screen space, so the novelty seems a nice improvement, and not an unwanted overloading with options so far a convenient function. The first users can already use the new Calendar, and all of them are expected to reach within the next few days.

Google Calendar is changing. You'll see lots of useful features in the pop-up window


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