Google: Android 11 requires more than 2 GB RAM

Google has already started the Android 11 beta tests. Now a leaked copy of the Device Configuration Guide reveals an interesting detail. All future devices that will run Android 11 must have more than 2 GB of RAM. Anyone with less RAM needs to start as an Android Go device.

It also reveals that phones with 512 MB RAM are no longer qualified for GMS services, which effectively means that they have reached the end of their support.

The changes are expected to begin in Q4 2020 when Android 11 will be publicly available.

Phones that already run a full Android version and still have less than 2 GB of RAM should be exempt. This is to avoid confusion.

Obviously, the change aims to ensure that phones that come on the market with very modest hardware have the appropriate Android Go version to guarantee an adequate user experience.

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Google's contribution : For Android 11 more than 2 GB RAM required first appeared on Xiaomist .


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