Garmin comes back to life. A large part of the services are already operational

After a few days of massive failure, Garmin Connect and its related services are finally operational.

What is already working and what will you have to wait for? According to the official Garmin website, the situation is as follows (as at 6:58):

  • Garmin Connect - Limited functionality
  • Garmin Golf - some statistics delay
  • Garmin Dive - some statistics delay
  • ConnectIQ - application cannot be installed
  • vivofit Jr. - delay in some statistics
  • LiveTrack - works
  • Sending activity to the website - works
  • Viewing activity on the site - works
  • Challenges - Challenges can be created and viewed, but statistics may be updated late
  • Courses - they can be created, but they do not sync with devices, courses from third-party services are currently queued
  • Daily summary - displayed, but information may be delayed
  • Device enrollment / activation - works
  • Detected accident - works
  • Garmin Coach - new plans can be created, active plans can have delays in processing existing activities and prompting new ones
  • Summaries - they work
  • Segments - work
  • Strava - Beacon works, sending new segments and routes is queued for now, sending activities to Strava may be delayed
  • Synchronization with other services - it may be delayed
  • Workouts - can be created, but not sent to devices yet; trainings from external services will be queued for now

You can check the current status of Garmin Services here .

So far, it is not known exactly what caused the crash, although unofficially several sources have confirmed the ransomware attack . Unfortunately, there is no information about the official Garmin FAQ .

Garmin comes back to life. A large part of the services are already operational


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