Garmin breaks the silence after two days about the failure. It answers a few questions

After two days of silence, Garmin finally decided to speak up on a global failure of its services. Many questions remain unanswered.

Unfortunately, if someone expected a specific date to solve the problems or confirm (or contradict) existing speculations, he will be rather disappointed. Garmin has only published a short entry in social media:

In which he once again apologizes for the situation and redirects you to the FAQ. Again - if someone was counting on a wall of text with the most popular questions and answers, he will not find it here.

Instead, we have 4 questions and 4 answers , some of which are - to put it mildly - quite breakneck.

The first question is whether any customer data was lost during the crash . Yes, such a question was asked very often, but it concerned data already sent to the website, and not those recorded during the break.

Meanwhile, Garmin replies that:

Although Garmin Connect is not accessible during the outage, activity and health and wellness data collected from Garmin devices during the outage is stored on the device and will appear in Garmin Connect once the user syncs their device.

So, in short, all the data recorded during the break are stored in the watch and will appear on the website after its resurrection. About the data collected so far - no information available here. We will happily come back to this topic in the fourth question, so don't lose hope.

The second question concerns inReach devices, SOS functions and text messages - these work and we have known this for a long time. At the same time, the issue of billing and activation systems was omitted - these do not work, which Garmin informs about on the linked inReach status page.

The third question is about new products and their activation by connecting to Garmin Connect. No specific information is available in this case - Garmin is working to get Connect back up and running as soon as possible. That's it.

The fourth question is probably the most important because it concerns our private data, such as activities (i.e. training history, etc.), payments and personal information. According to Garmin's message, the failure (because this is how the situation is determined) has no impact on this data, or at least so far there is no indication of it.

If someone wants to be optimistic, it may mean that after solving the problems, everything will return to normal and we will forget about the whole situation in some time. Maybe, but it does not have to be - with such a general FAQ nothing is certain.

All owners of Garmin equipment can wait for the next message. May it be more positive or… be a little more specific.

Until then, you can of course train, hoping that Connect will come alive as soon as possible. You can also spend your free time reading the history of website problems .

Garmin breaks the silence after two days about the failure. It answers a few questions


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