Galaxy Note 20 is not everything. Cheap Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite is coming

Samsung probably doesn't even try to hide what smartphones it is currently working on. Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite appeared in the Geekbench database.

Rarely can you surprise us with the premiere of a top device that nobody expected. Thanks to the avalanche of leaks about upcoming smartphones from the Galaxy Note 20 line, we already know practically everything - they are to have more RAM than a typical PC , high resolution camera and housing, which in design refers to the current top line of equipment .

The fact that the new generation of Samsung smartphones with the stylus hidden in the casing will appear soon does not mean that the Galaxy S20 family of phones will now completely go away. Finally, the network also contained information about a new model called Galaxy S20 Lite. He will belong to her, but he will be clearly cheaper than his siblings.

The first information about the Galaxy S20 Lite appeared already a month ago.

According to rumors, SM-G780, i.e. the Galaxy S20 Lite for Europe, and SM-G781, i.e. the Galaxy S20 Lite for the United States were to be sold. There is probably more to it than a grain of truth. Samsung designated SM-G781B just appeared in the Geekbench benchmark database, and specification information was added along with the dedicated record.

The unofficial Galaxy S20 Lite reached 737 points in single-core performance and 2,619 points in multi-core performance measurement at the same time as Geekbench v5 . The phone controls Android 10 with the OneUI 2.5 overlay. The same software is supposed to hit the Galaxy Note 20 devices.

In addition, the Galaxy S20 Lite is to have 128 GB of space for the system and user data and 6 GB of operational memory. Added to this is an octa-core processor with a base frequency of 1.8 GHz, but we do not know whether it will be a known unit or a completely new system designed from scratch with this device in mind.

Galaxy Note 20 is not everything. Cheap Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite is coming


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