Face ID on Mac computers? Well, macOS already supports it

iPhones and select iPad editions now support face user authentication. For some reason, however, Apple still refuses to introduce Face ID to personal computers. Although he is probably just changing his mind.

Face authentication is one of the more convenient methods of authenticating a user's identity. Well made - and Face ID is made perfectly - it provides both comfort and high security. What users of iPhones X and newer and iPad Pro of the second generation and newer know very well.

Apple - as is customary - saw this solution from competitors, then improved it and popularized it. For some reason, however, I do not want to introduce Face ID to Mac computers, despite the fact that face identification on PC is quite popular - it was popularized by Microsoft with its Windows Hello. Looks like we've got some good news.

Face ID code found in macOS Big Sur files.

References to Face ID were found in the macOS code by the 9to5Mac editors , and more specifically in the third Big Sura beta. The system refers to the PearlCamera device - this is the same code name that was used for the face recognition module in the iPhone X. The code also includes the names FaceDetect and BioCapture known from iOS. It is worth emphasizing that the analyzed libraries are not part of the Catalyst environment - so they are not rubbish from the runtime environment for iPad applications.

The facial recognition system in iPhones and iPads uses modules to accelerate calculations related to machine learning in Apple A processors. It is possible that Apple delayed the implementation of Face ID in Macs until they would not use its project processors. Today, these computers operate on the basis of Intel general-purpose integrated circuits, devoid of Apple's original ideas.

Face ID on Mac computers? Well, macOS already supports it


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