Epic joins the GOG galaxy. CD Projekt has an almost complete platform

gog galaxy epic

Instead of competing directly with competing platforms, GOG tries to… cooperate with them. His GOG Galaxy combines GOG services with Xbox, Battle.net, Steam and many more. From now on also from the Epic Games Store.

CD Projekt does things completely in its own way, often against market trends. His most recent project - the GOG Galaxy 2.0 application - is not only a gateway to the GOG store and platform, but also a place that integrates most other gaming ecosystems. We will hook up to Galaxy 2.0, among others, PlayStation Network, Steam, Origina, uPlay, Xbox Live and many others. At least one very popular platform was missing. This is what is changing. Galaxy 2.0 is also working with Epic Games Store from today.

- We are pleased that the integration with Epic Games Store joins GOG Galaxy 2.0. This is the next step in breaking down divisions between PC game stores. This allows players to manage their game library regardless of the platform they purchased the games on , said Steve Allison, General Manager of Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store in GOG Galaxy 2.0 basically makes the CD Project application the player's universal pick.

One of the recently implemented improvements in the application is the ability to watch all gaming subscriptions in one place. This allows us to conveniently browse, install and run games from gigantic libraries of titles that are available under various subscriptions.

This is a very interesting approach. Today it is said that hardware wars (especially for game consoles) are an archaic concept, because today platforms are competing against each other. For Xbox, the rival is both PlayStation from Sony, and ... Steam from Valve, running on PC with Windows. However, GOG focuses on alliances and cooperation. Who knows, maybe this is the way to the greatest success.

Epic joins the GOG galaxy. CD Projekt has an almost complete platform


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