Editor-in-chief s culture, episode 6

Welcome to the sixth episode of the series "Culture of the editor-in-chief. About everything shitowe. For those who do not know what the cycle is but want to find out, I refer to the first episode . Here is a list of all texts in this series so far.


Robert Lewandowski is not lucky. It sounds strange considering the status of the Polish hero, doesn't it? And yet. Robert Lewandowski is not lucky. Again, you could say.

When in 2016 he was missing from the top 10 best players of the season in the "France Football" poll, he tweeted "Le cabaret". He had a reason. It was an amazing season for him - he scored 42 goals in total - 30 in the Bundesliga, 9 in the Champions League and 3 in the German Cup. He won the German championship, won the German Cup and the German Super Cup. In the European Championship, with the Polish national team, he achieved a historic success, reaching the quarter-finals, and although he did not impress on French fields, he scored a super-important goal in the fight for the semi-final with Portugal.

In 2020, he was the favorite to win the Golden Ball. An absolute favorite. Nobody - well, except Cristiano Ronaldo in recent weeks - has come close to his level this year. An absolute goal record in the modern era of the Bundesliga, another German championship and the German Cup, a record number of goals in the Champions League, the fight for the Golden Boot for the best scorer in Europe. In addition, still with great chances to win the coveted Champions League with Bayern. And also promotion to the European Championship with the Polish national team.

But France Football canceled this year's Golden Ball plebiscite. Because the coronavirus, because the pandemic. - How to fairly compare the achievements of players when one played and the other did not? - ask the French organizers of the prestigious gala. Until I hear the answer - and I will go here with the current Polishness - I wonder what would happen if the French league played, and the Bundesliga not, and if Kylian Mbappe was in his life form. Or if Cristiano had been in shape from the last few weeks all season. Would France Football be equally eager to cancel the Golden Ball this year?

Robert Lewandowski is absolutely the most admired Pole by me. Idol - I'm not afraid to say it. Not only has Poland never had its representative in mass sport at this level, but also in a foreign land Lewandowski embarrasses the locals. And this is in Germany - a land, on the one hand, unsurpassed for our dreams of financial and organizational success, and on the other hand, still with scars from centuries of humiliation and domination.

With his work ethos, determination, ordnung muss seinem, Lewandowski embarrasses the Germans so much that we have even stopped crying in Poland for Miroslav Klose and Lukas, ie Łukasz, Podolski. And probably no one has done more than Lewy to improve the image of a Pole in Germany after years of domination of West Berlin crooks and specialists in transporting Mercedes cars across the border.

Lewandowski also denies the common opinion that a footballer is an idiot. Perhaps Robert could also practice public statements on general topics with PR people, but the business management of his own brand was achieved by standards that went far beyond the homely plaything. He plays in one league with Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the one hand, and with LeBron James or Lewis Hamilton on the other.

And in addition, humanly speaking, despite the overwhelming success, he is still a normal human being. I know it firsthand. I have met him twice. In both professional situations for him, when he was simply doing his marketing job. And yet he remembered that we had already met, he talked, he felt good in casual small-talk. I have met several other (less) successful people in my life. Their level of embracing reality was slightly more curved in space-time than it would appear from the E = mc2 formula.

Let's enjoy the presence of Robert Lewandowski in our televisions while we still have a chance to watch him. When in a few years time he stops animating time on weekend afternoons and evenings, we will appreciate how much he brought joy, patriotic excitement and the opportunity to drink beer with friends to our everyday lives.

And let us wish him a Golden Ball in 2021.


Today I am bored with new technologies. As a great enthusiast of everything new, I am impatient waiting for the next breakthrough - this is what I wrote , note, October 11, 2017.

Almost three years have passed. Nothing has changed. I'm still bored because we're still waiting for a breakthrough. In fact, it's for another technological accelerator.

It seemed that wearable technology devices would be the next big thing in technology that will repeat the case of smartphones - that we will experience an amazing boom in services and applications that will make these devices the indispensable companions of our lives. It didn't. Today, wearables are in retreat. Only the Apple Watch is actually alive.

The same is true of VR (virtual reality), which was typed as a technology whose development will change the world. I don't know, I still don't see it, at least until there is no need to put on big goggles on the face, and that's not going to happen.

Smart home? Apparently, in my home there are more and more gadgets connected to the Internet, but they do not bring much to my everyday life, well, maybe next to the collection of Sonos speakers, which together with music streaming services have definitely changed the way I listen to music.

TV? I use it only as a screen for watching live football broadcasts, sometimes I will cast something on Netflix or HBO GO, although I prefer to watch the series on the screen of a smartphone or computer.

Well, maybe AR (Augmented Reality)? Well, the very concept of a digital overlay on real reality seems spectacular, but for now it is limited to not very interesting demonstrations of the capabilities of iPhones and iPads in this area at Apple conferences. Maybe the situation will be changed by AR glasses from Apple, which are rumored more and more loudly, that they will debut in 2021.

So we are waiting for another accelerator, i.e. technological inventions that appear at specific moments in history and change human life on Earth.

The first was the invention of the wheel by man, the second, several thousand years later, the invention of printing. In the 20th century, accelerators appeared every few decades - a car, radio, television, PC, telephone, internet - just to name the most important ones. They all changed the world.

The last great technological accelerator was smartphones in 2007. They brought the boom in mobile internet, created a completely new economy of mobile applications, laid the foundations for the development of social media and created hundreds of millions of jobs.

It's been 13 long years since the debut of smartphones, and there is no point in looking for a candidate for a new accelerator, although apparently technology has never developed so quickly.

We will probably not find anyone who would question the fact that the pace of technology development in areas such as medicine, automotive, energy, transport is today at an unprecedented level. But there is still one flash point missing, something that will solve real problems and make average people use the new technology.

Or there is simply no Steve Jobs who would be able to translate the complex achievements of engineers and scientists into a language that is understandable to an ordinary audience.

Anyway, I'm looking around with longing and looking for something that could be a candidate for the next accelerator. And despite fleeting admiration for various novelties, I do not find anything like that.

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Editor-in-chief's culture, episode 6


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