Does beloved Vaas return to Far Cry 6? Everything we know about the latest installment of the series

Have I told you what madness is? Folly is continuous, fucking, doing the same in the hope that something will change - Einstein's paraphrase by Vaas from Far Cry 3 is today a cult quote among players. Does the beloved hero return in Far Cry 6, performing as a teenager? We answer these and other questions.

Vaas Montenegro is one of the most expressive Swiss characters in modern FPS games. The fictional character in Far Cry 3 has gained a mass of fans, charming the audience with brutal charisma and great dialogue lines. Eventually, Vaas dies at the player's hand, pierced through with a ritual blade. Despite this, many fans are still speculating to this day whether Vaas's death actually took place.

It is no wonder that when some graphics appeared on the Internet, fans fell into euphoria.

Some perceptive person made a very interesting observation by analyzing Far Cry 6 promotional graphics. It has a teenage boy whose features are very similar to Vaas. Both men have the same eye color, similar complexion and similar background. However, the most sensational was the characteristic scar on the eyebrows. Both teenage boy and adult Vaas have her in exactly the same place.

Internet users began to speculate. A popular thesis is that Far Cry 6 will take us back in time, showing Vaasa's childhood and adolescence. We find ourselves somewhere in an authoritarian country during the Cold War or the 1990s, taking part in events that shape Vaasa's mind. Well, maybe we will influence this psyche ourselves. Such a strong presence of the teenager on promotional materials seemed almost obvious: we will get a prequel with the beloved schooner.

Will Vaas really appear in Far Cry 6? No!

Although the prequel thesis seems sensible, the dates, realities and circumstances do not match. Despite the envelope indicating the past years, expressed in car models or building architecture, Far Cry 6 takes place in 2020. It reveals the official description of the game in press materials. The official FC6 trailer also rules out a distant past. Look at the above frame with a smartphone. The device is far too modern to fit the 90s.

There were no such smartphones even in 2012. So when Far Cry 3 takes place, and Vaas is already a fully-grown, 27-year-old man. Technological development does not lie. It is not possible for the prequel to use newer technology than a decade later. It just doesn't stick together. And although I would also like to return to Vaas, this stage in the history of the Far Cry universe is already rather closed. Another gadget providing a contemporary time frame is the lighter, which is used by the teenager's guardian.

So who is the young man on the Far Cry 6 cover?

The teenager is Diego Castillo - the son of the fictional ruler Yara. Insular Yara is ruled by the tyrant Anton Castillo, whose voice and facsies were lent by Giancarlo Esposito himself - known for example as Gus from the series Breaking Bad. Diego is to be another el presidente - the authoritarian leader of a country strongly modeled on Cuba. To this end, the young man is indoctrinated by his ruthless guardian.

Of course, the player will join the movement against the dictator. We will be drawn into a guerrilla fight with a clear goal: overthrowing the dictator and political revolution. In the character editor, we will create our own "I" - a digital inhabitant of Yara, in both male and female versions. As in previous editions of the series, in the fight for a just cause we will use a wide range of vehicles, including combat ones. All to unite the whole island against the dictator.

Star cast and director True Detective.

Known from the Breaking Bad series, actor Giancarlo Esposito is not the only star involved in Far Cry 6. Anthony Gonzales, who plays the main role in Coco's cinema animation, will also appear in the game. In turn, Pedro Bromfman - the composer responsible for the soundtrack for the Narcos series - is responsible for the music.

A beautiful complement to the artistic cluster is director Patrick Clair, known from True Detective, whose skill sample you can see above. Associations with the Detective are definitely there. The material prepared for Ubisoft is extremely artistic and it's difficult to take your eyes off it. An absolute revelation. I hope that the game itself will be at least half as atmospheric.

Far Cry 6 for free on PS5 and XSX for owners of the older console version.

Unlike 2K or EA, Ubisoft is very pro-consumer when it comes to next-generation platforms. People who own the Far Cry 6 version on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will download the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X edition at no cost. A big plus. It is a pity that not all global publishers are choosing the same solution. Yes, I'm looking in your direction, NBA 2K21!

Far Cry 6 will debut on February 18, 2021 in the version for PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX and PC (Stadia, Epic Games, uPlay). Pre-orders have just begun. Interestingly, the main gadget for the most expensive collector's edition is ... flame thrower.

Does beloved Vaas return to Far Cry 6? Everything we know about the latest installment of the series


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