Does BAFTA force game developers to introduce LGBT + characters and ethnic minorities? I translate

On Polish Twitter since the morning like in a hen house. Players express their indignation at what BAFTA did. Allegedly, the British Academy of Film Arts introduces percentages for ethnic minorities and LGBTQ characters in video games. Developers will either listen or they will not be able to participate in the prestigious annual awards ceremony. We explain how it really is.

It is true that BAFTA would like to see more diversity in modern video games. A publication has appeared on the official website of the British Academy of Film Arts in which we can find recommendations of the organization for video game producers.

In the article we will read, among others about such postulates as:

  1. At least one of the leading characters comes from a minority (ethnic or sexual) environment.
  2. The balance of male and female sex among all characters is 50 to 50 percent.
  3. Of all the characters, 20 percent. belongs to ethnic minorities.
  4. Of all characters, 10 percent. belongs to sexual minorities.
  5. Of all the characters, 7 percent. is deaf, blind or has a different dysfunction.
  6. Some of the characters are distinguished by diversity at the regional level.
  7. Some of the characters come from the lower social classes.

At the same time, BAFTA has expectations not only for the content of the game itself, but also for the structure of the studio that created it. The Academy's postulates regarding the workplace in which the video game was created look similar to the postulates regarding the game. It is about gender balance and representation of people from ethnic minorities, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.

Does BAFTA force creators to follow their guidelines?

cyberpunk 2077 gameplay screenshot 12 my name is evelyn

The answer is negative. The Academy points out that publishers wishing to take part in the competition for the game of the year, which will end in a traditional gala in March 2021, are to assess their candidacy on the basis of published criteria. At the same time, this assessment will not have any impact on this year's acceptance of applications and contest participants. May have in the future, but BAFTA has not yet taken a final position in this matter.

It is worth adding that the British Academy of Film Arts does not require compliance with all postulates, but only parts of them. The organization wants the video game to meet three conditions out of all, while the work environment meets two conditions out of all. It is not so difficult, considering that I have only written some of the postulates above. Here you will find all the requirements .

Let's summarize the facts

Dying Light: Bad Blood

First of all, BAFTA does not require producers to set specific minority amounts in exchange for participating in the competition for the game of the year. Secondly, the assessment based on the new demands of the academy lies with the creators themselves. Thirdly, such an assessment has no effect on participation in the competition. Fourthly, all minority postulates should not be fulfilled, but only a part of them. Fifth and most important, the postulates apply ONLY to producers who claim to win in the British Game category.

Nobody will count the Poles from CDP RED black in Cyberpunk 2077, nor will anyone check if the zombies from Techland in Dying Light 2 come from LGBTQ environments. Hence the indignation in the native social media - although easy to trigger and reaching a fertile ground - is rather unnecessary. BAFTA is not blackmailing any developers. In addition, most of the Academy's demands have been implemented in video games for years. This one in ten characters belonging to sexual minorities is not really an LGBT invasion. Postulates apply only to British producers who apply for the prize in the British Game category.

Does BAFTA force game developers to introduce LGBT + characters and ethnic minorities? I translate


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