Cyberpunk 2077: confusion with CDP pre-releases, collector s editions and refund [update]

Loyal fans are always treated the worst. This is often seen in the example of pre-orders. If you preorder Cyberpunk 2077 in the Collector's Edition, you could have found yourself in the middle of the information noise today. Some customers think that they will not get a game or a refund. This is fortunately not true.

Pre-orders are one of the worst solutions from the point of view of consumer interest. We buy a pig in a poke, having blind faith in the quality of the product, which is still not on the market. In return for giving, we receive a handful of extras or a promise of earlier access to the title. The so-called. pre-sellers are a common element of game distribution, despite many critical voices indicating the unfavorable location of the consumer. Cyberpunk 2077 will be another good example that preorders are associated with risk.

Cyberpunk 2077 was distributed by CDP. Now it's Cenega, but excluding collector's editions.

Cenega distributes standard copies of Cyberpunk 2077. The company took over the task after the fallen CDP. We know with 100% certainty that Cenega does not fulfill orders for collector's editions. Collectors ordered from the bankrupt distributor took on CDP RED, as well as any refunds. Despite this, some of the concerned customers decided to contact the CDP receiver, which most likely led to information noise.

One of the clients of the bankrupt CDP - Filip Turczyński - received an official reply in writing from the trustee. It shows that Filip will not see either the collector's edition he has ordered or the refund. Recovery of the order is possible, but only after submitting an official letter. No automatic refund process has been initiated. From this perspective, CDP customers have allegedly been hit on the bottle.

The letter is written so that I do not get it, whether I will get this collector or not? CENEGA, CD PROJEKT RED # Cyberpunk2077

Published by Filip Turczyński Monday, 13 July 2020

The trustee probably does not know, however, that CDP RED has undertaken the implementation of collector's orders. Perhaps because of this Filip received such and no other answer. The player has been misused. in error. The CD Projekt Group has never published any message indicating that it ceases to carry out pre-release orders for collector's editions. The administrator does not have to know this, however, when dealing with the CDP bankruptcy estate.

We contacted CD Projekt and Cenega to clarify the situation.

Cenega distributor representative confirmed that he is aware of the situation and information chaos. At the same time, the same representative asked to refrain from drawing any conclusions until an official position was issued in consultation with CD Projekt. If this occurs, we will definitely publish them in this test.

In turn, CD Projekt assured us that it began to create an entry that will be published on social media and that will dispel any doubts. If it appears, we will also publish it in this text.

Update : CD Projekt has published an official statement. It appears on social media and is also sent to all customers who have ordered the Cyberpunk 2077 game:

B efore all - CD Projekt RED ensures that the game will go to you, regardless of whether you receive / message from the receiver to a different content. In all matters related to the Game being picked up, please contact us directly.

The distribution of Games in Poland through the Online Store was run by the company CDP sp. Z oo in bankruptcy with its registered office in Warsaw (" CDP "), which is a completely independent company from CD PROJEKT RED (the developer responsible for the production of the Game). On May 11, 2020, by decision of the District Court for the capital city Warsaw in Warsaw, XIX Economic Department for Bankruptcy and Restructuring, the bankruptcy of CDP was declared, which means that CDP will unfortunately not be able to independently process orders placed for the Game.

In the face of this situation, CD PROJEKT RED decided to accept the commitment and responsibility for delivering the Game and possible refunds of amounts paid to persons who withdrew from the contract after the date of declaration of bankruptcy of CDP. As the developer responsible for the production of the Game, we do not want players to face any negative consequences related to the bankruptcy of our distributor (i.e. CDP), which is why we ensure that we deliver the Game to all persons who ordered it - without any additional fees or formalities.


Meanwhile, I repeat like a mantra:

Never use pre-orders.

I said it before, I talk about it now, I will talk in the future. Pre-orders are buying a pig in a poke. The good faith of customers is used against themselves, while the benefits of consumers are usually not proportional to the risk they take. It's not about how good or bad the game will be ordered. It's about your safety as a customer.

As the example in question shows, CD Projekt was up to the challenge. However, not every company has to do the same.

Cyberpunk 2077: confusion with CDP preorder, collector's editions and money back [update]


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