Corona warning app with 15.4 million downloads

The Corona warning app now has 15.4 million downloads. The curve is slowly leveling off in the installations.

In the meantime, the 15 million mark has been exceeded . Now there are fewer and fewer installations, as can be seen from the slower growing numbers.

In the meantime there was also an update to Android, to version 1.0.5. Minor bugs were fixed again. However, there is no real changelog.

But it would be interesting to know how many devices the app is still installed on. That seems more important than the number of downloads, which does not really reveal anything about the number of users.

Strangely, users complain in the reviews that the Corona warning app does nothing. So these people still haven't really understood the app. Because as long as she doesn't do anything, everything is fine!

Corona warning app (Free, Google Play) →

Corona warning app (Free, App Store) →


The Corona Warn app with 15.4 million downloads first appeared on Xiaomist .


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