Corona warning app now with 16 million downloads

The Corona warning app now has 15.9 million downloads. The curve in the installations flattens out considerably. But there is a positive conclusion to the app.

The 15 million mark has now been exceeded , but there have not been as many new installations of the app in the past two weeks. Despite increasingly poor reviews, one is satisfied with the app.

The Robert Koch Institute drew a positive interim conclusion after one month and is generally quite satisfied with the success and the spread of the app.

"The app works: Around a week after it was launched, random codes of corona-positive people were made available for comparison for the first time. In the first month, more than 500 people who were shown to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 had the opportunity to warn others via the app. However, we cannot say exactly how many people were warned because of the decentralized approach of the app. "

Robert Koch Institute

Cooperation with the laboratories that carry out the corona tests has also improved significantly. Here, too, the RKI finds words of praise:

"The infrastructure around the Corona warning app is also being expanded. In future, users of the app will receive their test results directly on their smartphone after registering their QR code. The necessary technical connection of the laboratories is on the right track: More than 60 percent of the established laboratories that offer PCR tests are now connected. At the start of the app, this was 15 percent. According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the QR code form should be available nationwide in the course of the month. "

Robert Koch Institute

However, what we still do not know is how many smartphones the Corona Warning app will still be used on. This would be much more interesting than the number of downloads.

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