Comet NEOWISE over Poland. Astronomy lovers have taken great photos

A few days ago we wrote about the fact that there is hope for a really interesting object in the sky. Comet NEOWISE has already passed through the perihelion of its orbit, but did not give in to strong solar radiation and now moving away from the sun shines in the morning sky.

So I decided to check what NEOWISE looks like in photos posted to the web by astronomy enthusiasts. These photographs are simply sensational.

You can also see NEOWISE yourself

If the above pictures interested you, and I am convinced that yes, I would like to inform you that you can still see the comet with your own eyes.

The most information and details about the observation of Comet NEOWISE in July can be found in a detailed post published a few days ago by Mateusz Kalisz from the Astrolifepl channel.

I really recommend it because you never know how many years we will have to wait for the next such comet.

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Posted by AstroLife Monday, July 6, 2020

Comet NEOWISE over Poland. Astronomy lovers have taken great photos


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