Chrome 85 with 64-bit support for Android now available for download

Google is getting ready to release the next edition of its Android browser. Chrome 85 for Android 64-bit can now be downloaded by everyone. We check what else has changed.

Chrome 85 is currently in testing. Everyone who is interested can download the test compilation, which allows you to check many new features in practice. The most important of these is the transition to 64 bits, because so far the mobile edition of the Google browser was stuck with one foot in the past and was a 32-bit program.

Google Chrome 85 and 64 bits

It is true that the first compilations of the Google browser in the 64-bit version appeared last time, i.e. with the beta version of Chrome 84, but now a bit more people can test this type of release. Potentially, such a change can help in the use of a large amount of RAM that top smartphone models have today.

A new trial version of Chrome can be downloaded from the APK Mirror website. What edition of the Google browser is installed on the device can be checked by entering the phrase chrome: // version in the address bar. It is also worth mentioning that the abandonment of the 32-bit version is not the only novelty from the company from Mountain View.

In Google Chrome 85, the Omnibox will change.

Although tests are currently conducted only on the desktop edition, Google is once again experimenting with hiding the full address of the currently viewed website in the main bar at the top of the browser interface. Instead, Chrome 85 can only display your primary domain.

Such a change really makes a lot of sense because, according to research, it can help start users against phishing - it is more difficult for cybercriminals to fool a user that he is on a website that is only pretending to be real when you immediately see the main domain without any copies. However, this can be done in different ways.

Two similar solutions in the flags menu are tested at the same time - one hides the bar until the user hovers over the bar with the mouse, and the other shows the full address when the user interacts with the page. It is difficult to judge which of them Google will ultimately implement ... assuming that it will not withdraw from this idea again.

What other changes will Chrome 85 bring?

In the new version of the browser, support for decoding images using the AVIF method is default (in the browser version). In addition, Google Chrome will be better at supporting HID devices, including, for example, game controllers. The support for the API responsible for Bluetooth modules has also been improved.

Chrome 85 with 64-bit support for Android now available for download


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