China: lethal pneumonia rages in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan: it s bullshit

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Kazakhstan issued an official announcement to its citizens on Thursday in which it warned them against a new unknown type of pneumonia with allegedly higher mortality than COVID-19. In turn, the Kazakh authorities say that all this is not true.

For now, we do not know who is telling the truth, so we will present versions of both countries.

New pneumonia, more dangerous than COVID-19 - Chinese version

Representatives of the PRC embassy in Kazakhstan say that 1772 people have already died of a new, allegedly unidentified type of pneumonia. Currently, about three thousand people are infected in three areas of Kazakhstan, 30 of them in critical condition. These three areas are the Atyrauska Oblast, Aktobsk Oblast and the city of Szymkent.

In the official statement of the Chinese embassy, ​​we can read that the Ministry of Health in Kazakhstan and other organizations are conducting comparative research on the virus that causes pneumonia, but it has not yet been clearly identified.

New pneumonia, more dangerous than COVID-19 - Kazakh version

Yes, in Kazakhstan people have pneumonia, but no one knows why the Chinese embassy claims that it is some unknown variation of this disease. This is emphasized by both representatives of the Kazakh authorities and the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

Moreover, the Kazakh Ministry of Health claims that the PRC embassy's message, attention, does not coincide with reality. The local health minister Alexei Tsoy described the whole matter as fake news and stated that he would not comment on it further.

Perhaps the whole case with quite a few cases of patients with pneumonia is associated with the outbreak of the coronavirus. A total of 53 thousand were infected with coronavirus in Kazakhstan. of whom 264 died. As we know, COVID-19 can cause pneumonia in infected people, so maybe the explanation for this puzzle is not as mysterious as China claims.

China: lethal pneumonia rages in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan: it's bullshit


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