Children will hate this service. Microsoft will help parents control the activity of their offspring on Windows and Xbox

Microsoft has completely rebuilt its digital safety service for children and family members. After months of public beta testing, new applications are now available. It's worth checking them out.

The interface of Microsoft's parental control services was certainly not inviting. Archaic windows in Windows and an overloaded web panel discouraged parents rather than encouraging them to use the service. Fortunately, the criticism was taken to heart, albeit with a long delay . In May, public beta-tests of the new web application and the first-ever service of Android and iOS applications began . Now they have just ended.

Microsoft Family Safety - parental controls now convenient, also on iPhone and Android devices.

The application provides full access to all functions of the Family Safety service. This means that on the phone we will be able to check who and how much time spends in given games, applications and websites, and what passwords are entered into the search engine.

We can impose appropriate time limits on each of these elements - so that a given game, application or website can be viewed only for a specified time or not at all. The service can control all games and applications running on PC and Windows (Xbox) game consoles, Android games and applications as well as websites within the Microsoft Edge browser.

At our request, the service may also automatically block content marked or assessed as inappropriate for our child's age. At our request, it can also monitor the location of our child live. This service may also ask us to extend the time with a given game and application through the service - and we will agree or decline the request.

The service is free, but in the future there are planned features available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

The first one, announced at the beginning, will operate only in selected countries (not in Poland) and ensure safety behind the wheel of our pupils. The second is the function of sending notifications if the child appears in some location set by us.

In the future, the service is also expected to work on iOS devices - although Microsoft does not even try to estimate the completion date. Given the limitations of this system, including the inability to replace default applications and services, this is probably quite a challenge.

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Children will hate this service. Microsoft will help parents control the activity of their offspring on Windows and Xbox


  1. The permissions in the settings of Microsoft Family Safety app on Android (Sony Xperia SO41B) are greyed out. We have been through the list of things on the help page of Microsoft Family Safety but nothing changes, alas.


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