Children count valence electrons but do not know how savings work. We need solutions such as PeoPay KIDS

Our children distinguish the movements of phospholipid molecules, know the electronic structure of phosgene and describe the geological structure of Iceland. However, they do not know how taxes work, how to save and how to invest money. The more important are such projects as PeoPay KIDS, teaching the basics of rational and responsible management of funds.

As much as 21 percent. adult Poles do not know that they pay taxes. This is the result of the report of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, taking into account the research of the University of Warsaw. The faint idea of ​​economics and finance is the result of, among others school education. Very broad and very varied, but often ignoring this basic, practical knowledge. After leaving the school walls, we know how to count the valence electrons, but we are not able to calculate PIT.

That is why it is so important to educate children in the field of finance from an early age.

Nothing develops like your own practice and experience. That is why it is worth starting a child's adventure with the world of finance as early as possible. Of course, in an accessible way, adapted to the cognitive abilities of a young person. I see with great satisfaction that books teaching the fundamental basics of economics, management and saving appear more and more often in children's bookstores. I observe how economic quizzes for the youngest are created. Parents are offered training and guides on how to talk about finances with their children.

We are going in the right direction, but learning economics should not stop with colorful books with great drawings, or with theoretical parenting conversations. The most important thing has always been, is and will always be practice. If a child does not spend their weekly pocket money in seconds, they will never understand what saving and making gratuities are. There is no better way to understand the interest rate on a deposit than a dozen or so extra zlotys unexpectedly appearing on the child's account.

For these reasons, every parent and every caregiver should be interested in such a solution as PeoPay KIDS .

PeoPay KIDS is not just another account for young people, like many in our financial services market. It is a highly educational project. Performing the role of a practical account manager with a dedicated payment card, as well as an excellent educational platform designed for children. With its help, children manage their own pocket money, but also learn about the basic economic mechanisms. Practice, education and enjoyment all rolled into one. The app has been on the App Store and Google Play for a month now, collecting great ratings (currently 4.6 out of 5):

Two years ago I thought that the bank should create such a service for children. Now is! Works and looks great. A 9-year-old daughter is delighted that she is entering the real world of banking and applications. In addition, the app works on the almost 10-year-old iPhone 5C!

Gluteus 79

Great for now, but we don't use it for a long time. Small amounts a child can spend per day. He learns to manage his own money.

Mother of a seven-year-old

Żubr and zloty, a setting that would not be ashamed of an animation for children.

PeoPay KIDS stands out from the financial services stack with its execution philosophy. This is the first application that is fully for kids. Not for adults. Not for teenagers. It is about kids aged 6 to 13 who are just learning the awareness and value of money, as well as the mechanisms related to it. Hence the unique and unique setting, with the use of fairy-tale characters, voiced by serial professionals.

Żubr, zloty and fox behave like characters from fairy tales. They explain the basics of economics in an interesting and understandable way. They explain how a piggy bank (savings account) and a wallet associated with a colored, dedicated payment card work. They educate what a transfer is, why it is worth saving and why you should not spend your pocket money right away. Nice creatures teach respect for money, as well as rational management of resources, taking into account time and upcoming expenses. All this is provided in a form that is understandable to a child from 6 years of age.

Pocket money, money boxes and making children's dreams come true.

The foundation of PeoPay KIDS is pocket management, the amount of which is set by mom or dad. The child can choose how to use the funds. He can put them in his wallet, which under the colorful graphic design is actually the Przekorzystny Account from the Bank Pekao offer. The funds in the wallet can be used for card purchases (from PLN 20 to PLN 50 per day, the parent sets the rate), but also for making a transfer or topping up a smartphone. Both of these operations are also confirmed by the parent from the level of their own Pekao24 panel or the PeoPay application.

A child can also throw digital pocket money into a piggy bank. This one is nothing else than the My Skarb savings account, offered by Bank Pekao. Such a piggy bank is 2% for the first 4 months, with a limit of up to PLN 3,000. There is no need to pamper our ward too much. A practical accessory is the ability to break the piggy bank for specific purposes, such as a birthday present for mum, a dream LEGO set and a new video game.

The most important thing is that pocket money (can be realized in the form of a standing order, weekly, from the parent's account) can be used in several ways. Money can be spent, but it is much more interesting to put it in a piggy bank for a bigger purpose. The child has full freedom in making these decisions, managing his own income. The bison, the fox and the zloty will gladly explain what possibilities your child has, using fairy-tale, friendly dubbing and simple vocabulary. Virtual friends will always advise you, offering help at any time of the day or night.

The most important thing is security and discreet control.

Although PeoPay KIDS is an application only for the youngest, mom and dad have full control over their child's account from the Pekao24 panel or the PeoPay application. First of all, they set the daily limit on a color payment card: from PLN 20 to PLN 50. Secondly, they approve all transfers or mobile top-ups via their own mobile application.

Parents have the opportunity to discreetly see how their child manages the money. Caregivers can see if the child is trying to save money, and how it is going. After a few days or weeks of such observations, we already know what to draw the child's attention to, what to propose and what to warn about. At the same time, the mentee himself does not feel controlled. On the contrary. He feels that he has been given a free hand and can manage his resources himself. Just like adults.

Now PLN 250 to start. How to use PeoPay KIDS and how much does it cost?

The PeoPay KIDS activation code can be obtained in the family panel of the PeoPay application. This means that all clients of Bank Pekao can take advantage of the excellent program. It is worth adding that the PeoPay KIDS service costs nothing. We run both the wallet (Konto Przekorzystne) and the money box (My Skarb account) for zero zlotys. It also costs nothing to withdraw cash from ATMs in the country and domestic transfers. Issuing a payment card is also free, as is its handling. In addition, the child can choose one of the five colorful patterns on the card. The bison definitely rocks.

When starting the promotion of its unique solution, Bank Pekao offers up to PLN 250 to start: PLN 100 for opening an Account in the PeoPay application or on the website by September 30, 2020, another PLN 100 for an effective account recommendation to another customer through a dedicated I recommend Przekorzystnie solution, as well as PLN 50 for a child. Here you can read the detailed terms and conditions of the promotion.

At the same time, Bank Pekao is launching a campaign on the educational and economic project. The bank addresses it to parents, encouraging them to educate their children economically. Pekao is committed to promoting pro-educational attitudes of caregivers, aimed at preparing children to manage their own finances and their own budgets. Small at first, but growing in sight thanks to piggy banks.

* The material was created in cooperation with Bank Pekao

Children count valence electrons but do not know how savings work. We need solutions such as PeoPay KIDS


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