CEPiK, or Constantly Evident Problems and Troubles

Another year is passing, and the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers still does not have a modern, actually working version. Moreover, as NIK points out, other projects have started to be financed on a large scale from the CEPiK budget, and no one would prefer to mention CEPIK 2.0 itself.

The Supreme Audit Office, during the annual control of state budget execution, looked at the financing of CEPiK, a large IT system responsible for collecting information about vehicles and drivers in Poland.

And it turned out that NIK, which this year did not issue a single negative assessment to public institutions in the case of CEPiK, lowered the assessment to " descriptive form". What does the Chamber describe in more detail?

CEPiK fund, but goals different

With each car registration, purchase of third party liability insurance or even a visit to a vehicle inspection station, drivers pay a special fee to the CEPiK Fund . This money is to finance the construction, modernization and maintenance of the system, which plays a key role in ensuring road safety. Except it isn't.

In accordance with the amendment to the law on special solutions for the implementation of the Budget Act for 2019, these funds could be used to finance other tasks related to the computerization of the state. But, as it turns out, these other tasks did not go into small supplementary amounts, but as much as PLN 105.4 million. That is, more than half of the costs of the entire CEPiK.

This does not mean, of course, that these other computerization tasks are not important. Maybe they even are. After all, "regulating and supporting the development of telecommunications and postal markets and telecommunications infrastructure" or improving the efficiency of document personalization machines in connection with the issuance of new e-proofs sound like important goals. And this includes the money that was supposed to fund CEPIK was used for them.

However, as the NIK auditors note, "financing the construction, maintenance and development of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers is the basic task for which the Fund was established". And this construction and development has been at a standstill for many months.

- After the termination of the contract for the construction of the Central Vehicle and Driver Register 2.0 system on August 24, 2018, work related to the completion of this system has not been carried out for many months - emphasizes the Chamber.

Moreover, this state lasted at least until April 10 (i.e. 19 months), because that was when the inspection ended.

Old CEPiK, but not spring

And completing this system is a real soap opera. Although CEPiK handles at least tens of thousands of operations related to vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, road inspections, periodic technical inspections every day , so it is really important elements of e-administration, dark clouds have been hanging over it for years.

It is an obsolete system, set up in 2004. Its reconstruction has been planned for years as part of the CEPiK 2.0 project. Such a decision was made in 2012, and the new version of the website was originally planned to be launched in 2016. It was supposed to improve not only the work of communication departments, but also help the services in verifying traffic offenders. To make it possible, the CEPiK reform was divided into two modules: Central Vehicle Register (CEP) 2.0 and Central Register of Drivers (CEK) 2.0.

2016 came and ... the works were not finished. The then minister, Anna Streżyńska, decided that, despite everything, it is necessary to hurry up and focus on CEP first. But, although before the launch of its new version, other experts alarmed that it was not finished, without the relevant texts, CEP 2.0 was launched in November 2017 and ... the work of officials was paralyzed for a few weeks. Hundreds of nervous drivers left the communication offices empty-handed, because due to further errors, breakdowns and problems with connecting to the central system, they could not register their vehicles.

After this setback, the Ministry of Digitization decided that the launch of the modernized CEK would be postponed. Reason: more time is needed to bring the system to a usable condition. The original launch date of CEK 2.0, i.e. mid-2018, was immediately ruled out.

Completion of work in progress

The date of completion of the work has not been known since then. The digitization ministry only signs another agreement with the Central Information Technology Center on further development of the system. Subsequent contracts, as indicated in its latest audit by the Supreme Audit Office, were signed in 2019. Moreover, as the Chamber claims, they arouse considerable attention.

The administrator of the CEPiK Fund, i.e. the Minister of Digitization, ordered from COI on the basis of additional orders to the contract the maintenance of the integrated infrastructure of registers. Except that they were paid for between 12 and 35 months before their actual execution.

COI is an office subordinate to the Ministry of Digitization, responsible for building IT systems for administration. The original contract for the implementation, expansion and possible repairs of CEPiK COI signed in 2015. Since then, it has signed further contracts to extend these works. A year ago, NIK warned that the previous contract was overestimated and unfavorable, because MC waived its claims under it. In 2019, there was a repeat of the entertainment. This time, the auditors note, "the months-long prepayment was an unintentional act that violated the principle of managing public funds".

CEPiK has been an important part of revenues for COI for years. In 2017, the Center collected PLN 65 million for the preparation of the new system and maintenance of the old one, i.e. more than half of the annual revenues. In 2016, this amount was PLN 57 million - two-thirds of the total proceeds. In 2018, the cost of maintaining the old CEPIK alone amounted to PLN 60 million.

The Ministry of Digitization asked by Spider'sWeb to refer to the allegations of the Supreme Audit Office did not answer our questions. Likewise, it did not answer questions about whether and when it is planned to start a full, properly functioning system.

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CEPiK, or Constantly Evident Problems and Troubles


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