BMW: Long-term supply contract with Northvolt for battery cells from Europe

The BMW Group has now signed a long-term supply contract with Northvolt for battery cells from Europe. From 2024 the contract volume will be 2 billion euros.

A long-term supply contract for battery cells has now been concluded with the Swedish company Northvolt. The new cells will then be manufactured in the Gigafactory in Skellefteå in northern Sweden from 2024.

And it should then be "green battery cells". After all, Northvolt will generate 100 percent of the energy it needs for production from wind and hydropower in northern Sweden.

"To make an effective contribution to climate protection, we want to improve the overall ecological balance of our products - from resources to recycling. This is especially true for the energy-intensive manufacture of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. That is why we have contractually agreed with our cell manufacturers that they will only use green electricity in the production of our fifth generation of battery cells. "

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

Northvolt is the third battery cell supplier from BMW alongside CATL from China and Samsung SDI from Japan. CATL is to manufacture part of its cells in the plant under construction near Erfurt.

BMW and Northvolt will procure cobalt and lithium for the battery cells directly from raw material mines "that meet the high sustainability requirements of both companies". This ensures transparency about the origin of the raw materials.

BMW Group

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