Blizzard finally got it that taking money for changing sex in World of Warcraft is an inflection

This is very good news. So far, this pleasure has cost 10 euros. In the latest Shadowlands add -on, sex change will appear as another option to change the appearance of the barber .

According to Eurogamer , Blizzard developers have realized that the World of Warcraft gender reassignment fee is sending the world bad news. That's why in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion this mechanics will change and be completely free.

This is, of course, a largely PR-related procedure related to the growing awareness of the rights of transgender persons. In addition, Shadowlands, moreover, one of the NPCs (non player character) identifies as a transgender person - it is the figure of Pelagos, who describes himself as a man, but occurs in the body of a woman.

Free sex change is even combined with the latest addition. In Shadowlands there is a rule that everyone can choose a physical form that best reflects his true self. Good idea, great workmanship

Players will surely be happy and ask: what about changing the race?

I must admit that a long, long time ago, when I was playing World of Warcraft, I paid 10 euros for changing the sex of my undead magician. The reason was very banal: after staring at the same spellcasting animations for about two years, I wanted some change. Anyway, I've never had problems paying for such things (i.e. not affecting the gameplay in any way) in games.

It is a pity that Blizzard, in addition to changing the rules on sex change, will still charge race change fees. Since the physical appearance in Shadowlands is so changeable, why can't someone who has been playing a gnome for 5 years suddenly turn into a slightly larger draenei? Is it about the special skills of individual races and the fact that many players are still willing to pay for the change of race depending on the current raid?

Blizzard finally got it that taking money for changing sex in World of Warcraft is an inflection


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